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For most people, their backyard is their sanctuary, an area to relax, or a place to host family & friends for a night of fun. Having a patio in your backyard not only saves you from the summer sunshine, but adds extra space for whatever occasion you may be celebrating. Did you know there are several ways to enhance your patio to make it more functional and comfortable for your enjoyment? Below are 3 additions to make to your patio roof for more comfort and fun!

1- Speakers

Life is better with music! Adding speakers to your patio roof can spice up your next gathering or help you block out neighborhood noises creating a relaxing retreat from everyday life. Whatever the occasion, adding speakers to your patio can change the way you experience your backyard.

Pro Tip: If you have an outdoor TV, adding speakers can make a great surround sound experience for the next big game!

2- Lights

Life gets a little bit brighter when you can enjoy your backyard, even after the sun goes down. Adding lights to the ceiling of your patio not only adds curb appeal, but gives you even more reasons to enjoy your backyard a little more. Great for reading at night or keeping the party going, adding lighting fixtures to your patio is a must.

Pro Tip: Add a dimmer switch to the lights to compliment any mood. 

3- Fan

Most people do not think to put a fan outside of their home, but you will be surprised by the benefits it provides when you install one in your patio area. Of course, a fan will circulate the air on your patio and keep you cooler during the summer months. A ceiling fan is also energy efficient and much safer than a standard floor fan.

Pro Tip: A ceiling fan also helps ward off insects and pests due to the wind it creates making your patio area even more comfortable.

If you are considering a new patio, these are three great additions you can make to create a comfortable and functional space. Craven Construction provides quality patios and roofs to the East Valley, Arizona. Contact our office today to schedule a free estimate and be prepared for next summer!

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