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No one enjoys the task of cleaning anything: dishes, laundry, carpets, hardwoods, the garage, your kids room, none of it! Nevertheless, you buck up and get it done. Did you know that cleaning your roof is just as important as cleaning the inside of your home? Not only does cleaning your roof improve curb appeal, but it also keeps your roof healthy and protects your investment. We’re going to walk you through the three key reasons to clean your roof.

Roof Health

Your roof is exposed to all of the elements, all of the time. Naturally, dirt and debris collects on your roof and is typically washed off with natural rainfall. With the collection of dirt, the heat of the sun, and rainfall, growth of damage causing elements can also be provoked. One way to keep your roof healthy, is to keep it clean. Cleaning your roof on a regular schedule can rid your roof of harmful agents and support prevention moving forward.

Protect Your Investment

A roof is a large investment and sometimes costs upward of $20,000 to install a new one. By regularly cleaning your roof and its tiles, you can protect your investment. Algae, fungus, and moss growth can be incredibly damaging and lead to expensive repairs. To extend the life of your investment, schedule an annual cleaning. A small preventative cost now can help protect you from a larger cost shortly down the road. 

Properly Inspect Your Roof

Just because you cannot see any damage or growth, does not mean it is not there. Standing on your front lawn inspecting your roof prevents you from properly surveying the entire roof. By cleaning it, or having it cleaned for you, you will be able to see all of the nooks and crannies and ensure the cleanliness of them. You might also discover additional areas of concern while you are cleaning your roof, which in turn, can help prevent additional larger costs in the future.

Completing a roof cleaning yourself can be a daunting task and dangerous if you do not have experience or proper materials. We recommend consulting a professional roof cleaning company to complete your roof cleaning if you are not completely confident. 

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Is your roof’s health in the gutter?

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