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Tile roofs are incredibly popular because of their durability and strength to protect a home. They also add beautiful curb appeal and have a long lifespan because of their resilience. However, they are not exempt from incurring any damage. One common repair that can be expected from a tile roof is needing to replace or repair a slipped tile. 

Can a slipped tile mean there is additional damage to your roofing system?

Held in place with specialized roof nails on the roof deck, tiles that are slipping could be a sign of more significant damage. To help you know what to look for and what to do when you spot a tile that has slipped out of place, we’ve put together this list of reasons why this occurs.

1. Excessive Wind & Rain

If you live in an area that sees excessive wind and rain, you might notice a few tiles slip after a strong storm passes by. For example, here in Arizona, we experience monsoons through late summer and into early fall. When the heavy rains and strong winds pick up, we typically see several roofing tiles slip.

The tiles can become dislodged after a bad storm and cause them to slip. Having an annual inspection of your roof can help discover tiles that are likely to become loose, however, you never know what Mother Nature is going to bring  and how your roof is going to respond. 

If you notice your tiles have slipped or gone missing after a storm, you will want to have a professional roofer fix it immediately. When left unrepaired, the underlayment is exposed to the elements and a larger problem can develop the longer it is left. Be sure to call your trusted roofer as quickly as you can, install a temporary roof if needed, and notify your insurance if a claim can be placed.

2. Corroded Nails

Specialized roofing nails secure tiles to the rest of the roofing system. These nails are constantly exposed to the elements, causing them to corrode. If never discovered as being corroded, the nail can become weak and lose attachment to the tile it is holding in place. Eventually, the tile will slip out of place and need to be repaired. 

Calling your local roofer when you see a roofing tile has slipped out of place is highly recommended. They will be able to inspect your roofing system and provide you with necessary services to secure your tiles again. It is important to acknowledge that if one roofing nail has corroded, several other nails could be corroded. Your roofing contractor should be able to offer their professional opinion and what the next best step is for your roof.

3. Deteriorated Wood

There are several reasons why the wood within your tile roofing system can deteriorate. Water damage, bud or rodent infestation, and old age are a few of the most common causes of rotten wood. Since tiles are held in place on wooden battens, if you notice tiles slipping, it could be a sign that the wood is rotten. Additionally, the roof deck is another key piece of the roofing system that is created from wood. 

Wood that is deteriorated can be detrimental to your roofing system and potentially your entire home. As the wood below the tiles starts to corrode, the rest of the materials that hold your roof in  place will start to become loose. For example, it is hard for a nail to hold a tile in place if there is nothing for it to grasp. So, if you see a few tiles out of place, call your local roofer immediately. You might have a much larger problem within your roofing system that will need immediate attention.

Annual Inspection Is Key

While tile roofs are typically low maintenance, it does not mean they do not require any attention. Scheduling an annual inspection from your local roofer can help discover small issues before they become something much larger. Preventative maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, it could end up saving you from replacing your entire roofing system.

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Is Your Tile Roof In Need of Inspection?

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