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Metal shingles are a great option for your Arizona roof as they come with several advantages over other roofing materials. One of the best benefits of a metal roof is its long life expectancy, but if your roof is nearing the end of its term, you should pay specific attention to its needs. Rust, warped panels, and deterioration are key signs a new roof is needed. We explain below what specifically to look for during your annual roof inspection.


One of the largest problems that may come with a metal roof is rust. Rusting metal shingles can cause deterioration of the protective coating on the shingles. This damage can lead to cracking, hole formation, and leaks within your home. You may be able to repair small patches of rust, but larger areas affected by rust may need an entire new roof. 

Warped Panels

Water can easily find its way under your metal roof through warped or loose panels. As the roof continuously allows water to enter through the unwanted openings, structural damage and mold growth occur. Replacing the damaged panels is important to save not only your roof, but also your home. As the damaged panels may not be noticeable from the ground, we recommend an annual roof inspection to be performed by a professional. 


Metal roofs are incredibly durable and perform exceptionally well in the Arizona climate. Deterioration over time is inevitable with the extreme changes in weather we experience. High winds and rain can increase the rate of deterioration of a metal roof. Inspection after heavy rain is recommended to look for signs of a leak or rust.

If you have noticed your metal roof is showing any of these signs of damage, a new roof may be needed. Craven Construction is available to perform inspection of your roof and provide you with an honest estimate to replace it. Contact our office today to schedule your free estimate!

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