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Living in the southwest, you know it gets HOT during the summer months! Many homeowners will do anything to keep their homes and themselves cool when temperatures climb well over 100 degrees. Some install pools or misting systems in the backyard while others consider additional air condition units to help combat the heat inside the home. 

One way to help shade your home from the excessive sunshine is to install aluminum awnings. 

Aluminum awnings help shield the home from harmful UV rays, and provide shelter and shade while also adding a touch of design appeal. If you are curious about the benefits of adding aluminum awnings to your home, keep reading! Craven Construction has over two decades of experience with aluminum awnings and fully understands the benefit for any house. 

4 Benefits of Aluminum Awnings

1. Decreases Heat Absorption

As the sun shines onto a house, it is also directing heat toward it. This heat is absorbed by the exterior walls, windows, and doors of the house. The more heat that is absorbed, the warmer your house is going to be, which could require your air conditioning system to work overtime to keep the house cool. 

Placing an aluminum awning over windows and doors can help shield the home from absorbing the heat directed toward it. Another option for an aluminum awning is to have it run the entire length of the home or create a patio area under it. Doing so provides additional entertaining space along with protecting the entire exterior wall from heat absorption. 

2. Decrease Energy Bills 

As we said above, during the warmer months your HVAC systems need to work extra hard to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Adding an aluminum awning to your home, you can easily decrease your energy bills. The added shade will help keep the interior temperature of the home down. 

Furthermore, adding an aluminum awning will also keep the maintenance down and lifespan where it should be for your AC units.  When they are constantly running and working extra hard to keep your home comfortable, it takes a toll on the system. This can cause additional damage to the unit or even worse, cause it to break down completely and require replacement.

3. Extended Patio Time

An aluminum awning can also extend the amount of time you spend outside and on your patio without the harm of UV rays. If you are concerned about the effects of spending extra time in the sunshine but don’t want to have to go inside, an aluminum awning is a perfect solution. An aluminum awning provides additional shade to your patio and whoever uses it from extended sun exposure. This can help decrease the risk of skin cancer and other sun-related concerns.

4. Added Aesthetics 

Aluminum awnings placed over windows, doors, and patios add to the aesthetic of the home. Adding a few awnings is a cost-effective way to update the look of your house. So, if you are ready for an update, considering selling soon, or simply looking for more shade in a visually appealing way, consider adding a few awnings. They are available in several colors that will coordinate with the exterior of your home.

Protect You & Your Home With An Aluminum Awning

An aluminum awning offers a roof-like covering that attaches to the side of your home. Easily provide shade and keep the home cool with an awning. Coordinate the awnings with your home to add a little style and update the look too. 

Craven Construction is available to install a new awning system on your East Valley home. Our team is trained to get the job done right and efficiently to get it done quickly. If you want to have a little extra shade on your home this summer, schedule your installation soon! Call our office to speak with our team about what is best for your home and to get a FREE estimate today!

Interested In Adding Aluminum Awnings To Your Home?

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