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When building a new commercial property or house, it is referred to as new construction. A new construction project requires a lot of planning, design, and decision making. One key aspect of any new construction structure is the roof and it will come with its own set of decisions to be made. 

When it comes to the roof, many decisions need to be made during the initial planning and designing of the house or building. 

You want to make sure your new roof is compatible with the building and, in turn, the building is compatible with the roof. Making key decisions up front will ensure everything works together to create a beautiful new home or building. Below are four primary sections that you should be prepared to make about your new construction roof.

1. Material Choice

Quite possibly one of the most important decisions to make during the roof design process is going to be the material choice. There are several options for material, such as tile, metal, shingle, foam, and flat. Each of these materials have their own characteristics that need to be taken into account when it comes to the design of the rest of the structure.

For example, if you choose a tile roof for your new construction, additional support will need to be added to the base structure. Whereas a foam roof weighs much less and does not need as much reinforcements. Or if you are planning a lot of peaks and valleys, shingles will be the best material over a metal roof because they come in smaller, more flexible sections. 

Regardless of the material you choose, your roofer will be able to help. They can ensure you are aware of all the needs for your selection along with the cost that should be factored into the building price.

2. Peaks & Valleys

Peaks and valleys can add a lot of aesthetic to a house, but they can also add a lot of influence to the rest of the choices for your new construction project.  Like we said before when choosing a material for your new construction roof, peaks and valleys can influence what is the best choice. Tiles or shingles will be best if you choose to have a lot of peaks and valleys because they offer more flexibility. Choosing a metal roofing material might not be the best as the metal pieces are quite large and it might not look the best with several peaks and valleys. 

Additionally, the more peaks and valleys included in the design will increase the price of the roof and overall project. This is because each peak requires additional materials, labor, and safety equipment. Discussing the design of the house with your roofing contractor will help them determine what is best for you and your wants.

3. Supplementary Roof Elements 

There are several pieces and parts that help create the roofing system. A few essential pieces include attic ventilation, flashing, and gutters. When discussing your new construction, you will need to make an educated decision about all of these items. Based on your choices, you could need to alter your design plans for the rest of the house or building. 

The details, such as these supplementary roofing elements can often make or break a roof. These items need to be properly installed in order for the roofing system to function properly. Flashing that is installed incorrectly, or not at all, can lead to significant leaking if it rains. Gutter systems also can lead to serious damage if not properly installed. Discuss the details with your local roofer to ensure your roof does not fail quickly after you move in.

4. Roofing Contractor

Hiring a professional roofer for your new construction project is essential and who you choose can drastically affect the planning and design process. In order for a roof to perform as it should, it needs to be installed by someone who is properly trained and skilled. This will help make sure it lasts as long as it should, functions, and requires less maintenance. Roofs that are not properly installed will require extensive repair and a quick replacement. 

Choose carefully when hiring a roofing contractor. The result could be extremely different based on who you select. We always recommend discussing your roofing needs with at least three different companies and receive three quotes to compare. 

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