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Myths are created to scare and are often an exaggerated conception used to shy the recipient away from a person or a thing. Sadly, but surely, metal roofs are not exempt. In fact there are several myths relating to metal roofing. The most important thing a homeowner can do when choosing a metal roof is to educate themselves. Doing can help distinguish between fact and fiction.

Are you considering a metal roof for your East Valley, Arizona home? 

Myths have an unusual and eerie way of creeping their way into a decision making process. However, it is important to seek the truth before making a final decision. We are here to rectify these common metal roofing myths.

Myth #1 – Metal Roofs Are Loud

Many homeowners believe metal roofs become loud during rain and hail storms because of their structure and composition. Metal roofs became popular as they were initially used on barns. Most barn roofs are not complete with a full roofing system that gives metal roofs the myth that they are “loud”. 

Lucky for you, metal roofing systems are composed of several layers that can alter the amount of noise that your roof will make. When you decide to install a metal roof for your East Valley home, your roofer will discuss how much noise you want to hear. Some people enjoy the sound of rain on a metal roof as it helps them sleep or they find it calming. If you are one of the people, or not, be sure to discuss the different ways to enjoy your metal roof. 

Busted – Metal roofs can be loud, but only if the homeowner requests it to be. The roof deck and insulation materials can be designed to absorb some of the sound and vibrations caused by rain and hail.

Myth #2 – Metal Roofs Hold Heat

Did you ever try to go down a metal slide on a sunny day when you were young? Likely you couldn’t do so without a burning feeling on the back of your legs. Many homeowners considering a metal roof believe them to hold heat because they were the victim of one of these slides growing up. However, metal roofing panels have advanced technologies to prevent this from happening. 

Metal roofs are painted with a “cool” finish to reflect solar radiant heat. If you are choosing a new metal roof for your Arizona home, you will have the choice of several colors, finishes, and panel profiles. All of which are created to be cool and energy-efficient. 

Busted – A cool finish is added to most metal panels used for roofing to ensure they do not hold heat, especially under the Arizona sun. Be sure to discuss this with your trusted roofer if you have additional concern before installing metal panels on your home.

Myth #3 – Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Similar to our lessons with the metal slides, we are also taught at an early age to not run around outside with metal during a storm because metal attracts lightning. Most people do not know that this is actually a myth and so is the superstition that metal roofs attract lightning too. Metal rods on top of a building are used to transport electricity safely to the ground without damaging the structure. 

Much like the metal rods, metal roofs do not attract lightning and they actually have the same probability of being struck as any other roofing material. Furthermore, a metal roof is likely a safer option if you are concerned with lightning strikes. Metal is not capable of igniting or burning, unlike alternative roofing materials such as shingles. 

Busted – Metal roofs do not attract lightning and are actually a safer roofing material if you are concerned about your home being struck. Discuss this with your trusted roofer to help determine if you should put additional protection on your home.

Myth #4 – Metal Roofs Easily Rust

Rust is caused by a metal’s contact with water and oxygen. What most homeowners do not know is that metal panels used for roofing projects are created, coated, and tested against rusting. The panels placed on a home is not the raw material that is prone to rusting as many believe. 

It is also important to note that not all metals rust to the reddish-orange color we are used to. For example, aluminum develops a white rust that blends well with its original color. Paint that is applied to the metal panels are designed to prevent rust and corrosion. If these painted panels fail before their warranty runs out, most manufacturers will replace them at no or little cost. 

Busted – While metal has a tendency to rust, roofing panels are coated or created from materials that do not rust. Contact your trusted roofer to discuss your concerns with a metal roof and its ability to rust.

Education Is Key

Myths will always exist around metal roofing panels. Keep in mind when you are deciding to install one on your East Valley home that education is key. Educate yourself on the facts and do not always believe everything you hear. Contact your trusted roofer if you have any questions regarding the design, install, and composition of metal roofs.

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