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Having your roof inspected is like having to go to the dentist for an annual check-up… everyone knows they should do it, but most people don’t. Most homeowners typically wait until there is an issue with their roof to call their roofer. However, not having a professional inspection completed is like not having a tooth looked at when it aches and hoping it will just go away. 

How often should you have a roof inspection?

This answer may vary based on a number of factors. If you have concern with your roof or do not know much information about it, for example, you just moved in, you might want to get it inspected. The most important thing to think about is what you want to learn from the inspection. What’s the condition? How many years do you have left with it? These are just a few items a professional roofer will be able to uncover during a professional inspection. We’ll uncover a few more reasons to have your roof inspected below.


4 Reasons to Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

1. Discover Hidden Damage

Regular roof inspections can help you discover hidden damage and save you quite a few dollars on future repairs to your roof. A roof inspector will get up close and personal with your roof, checking all of the nooks and crannies. While they are examining your roofing system, they will take note of any damaged areas that might be in need of repair. Most likely, these will be small repairs such as flashing that has come unattached or little cracks that need to be filled. 

Completing these necessary repairs can prevent major destruction in the future that come with a much larger bill. Not fixing these small roofing problems or not having an annual inspection complete can cause dry rot, major leaks, and even significant interior damage. Save yourself, and your wallet, in the future by having your roof inspected on a regular basis.

2. Improve Energy Efficiency 

Your roof serves several different purposes, including balancing the temperature inside your house. As your roof ages, it is natural for it to show signs of wear and begin to fail. When this happens, you might not even notice, but your energy bills will slowly and slightly increase. The HVAC systems that regulate the temperatures inside your home will need to work harder to cool and heat your home to compensate for the slowly failing roof.

Scheduling a routine roof inspection can help you discover these areas that may need repair or attention. Completing any necessary repairs in a timely manner can extend the life of your roof and improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems. If your roof is beyond repair or the material is no longer serving its purpose, it may be time to invest in a new roof. While the upfront cost may be unforeseen, it will pay off down the road.

3. Insurance Purposes

Check with your home insurance provider and see if they offer any discounts for completing regular maintenance. One routine maintenance service that can help you save a few dollars, that can add up over the years, is having your roof inspected. Some insurance companies require specific inspections and maintenance to be done in order to continue coverage. Your local roofer will be able to provide you with the proper documentation to submit to your insurance company.

4. Selling or Buying The House

No matter if you are planning on selling your house or looking at one to buy, getting a roof inspection is highly recommended. When selling, having a professional roofer look at the roof can ensure you are not surprised with roofing issues while negotiating. Once you receive the roofing report, completing any necessary repairs or installing a new roof if needed, gives you plenty of time before a potential buyer tries to offer you less than your asking price. 

If you are buying a home, you are likely going to have the entire house inspected. While a home inspector is knowledgeable about various systems and home structures, they may miss unseen issues within the roof. Hiring a professional roofer to complete a thorough inspection will make sure you know exactly what to expect from your future roof. You can either ask the current homeowner to complete repairs or replacement, or you can negotiate on the selling price.

Finding A Professional

Most roofing companies will inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed report including several photos. It is important to note there is a difference between a roof inspection and an estimate. Be sure to ask your local roofer about the difference as they likely charge for the detailed inspection, but the estimate is typically free. 

Craven Construction is available for professional roofing inspections within the East Valley. Our roofing experts have nearly two decades experience with roofing materials of all types. Whether you are in need of repair, a new roof, or a comprehensive inspection, we are here for you. Contact our office to discuss your roofing needs and schedule your service today!

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