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There are not always clear signs when your roof is in need of replacement. Similar to when you do not feel well and your body tells you with a headache or upset stomach, your roof will tell you when it is time for a replacement. No matter the material of your roof, there are signs that you need to pay attention to and take seriously. 

Failing to replace the roof when it is showing signs of wear and tear could result in a much bigger issue than you would want. Watch for the warning signs to make sure you have ample time to financially plan for a new roof and to find a trusted roofer to perform the work.

4 Signs Your Home Is Ready For A New Roof

Frequency of Repairs Increases

Does your roofer spend a lot of time at your house repairing your roof? If so, you may consider having a new roof installed. Each time your local roofer visits your home and completes repairs, they charge you and the more frequent those visits become, the larger your bill. 

Two key things to keep in mind when you are frequently having to repair your current roof are:

  • At what point does it become a better financial investment to re-roof your home versus continue paying for repairs. 
  • Each time your roof is repaired, is it just waiting to be repaired again? We are not saying you should question your roofer and the quality of their work. However, the more it is repaired, the more likely it will need repaired very soon. 

If your roof is constantly in need of repair, strongly consider a new roof. Not only will the new one be more attractive, but it could end up costing you less in the long run.


Every style of roof has its own life expectancy, but once your roof reaches that age, you may consider replacing it. If you are the first to occupy your home, you likely know when the roof was last replaced. However, if you bought the house and do not know how old the roof is, you can likely dig a little to find out. Either documentation left from the previous owners or a licensed roofer can tell you based on an inspection report. 

Just because your roof is approaching the end of its expected life, does not mean you need to instantly install a new roof. Routine maintenance, quality & timely repairs, and weather conditions can help your roof last longer than expected. Be sure to schedule a professional to examine your roof before you decide to replace it completely.

Cracked Flashing

Many homeowners do not fully understand the need for flashing along their roof, but it is one of the more important parts of a roofing system. Flashing is used to safeguard your home from water. Used to direct water off of your roof, various forms of flashing work with your underlayment to keep water from getting under your shingles. Without flashing, your roofing system would easily develop leaks and likely need frequent, large repairs. 

Flashing that is cracked, broken, or simply not doing its job may be a sign your home is ready for a new roof. Leaks are more likely to develop where your roof meets a wall, valleys, vents, skylights, and at the roof’s edge. When the flashing is damaged in those areas, you may not notice it right away and a larger issue develops. If you discover your flashing is cracked, you will want to call on your trusted roofer to do a more in-dept inspection.

Shingles or Tiles Are Rotting

Likely one of the more obvious signs that your roof needs replaced is when your shingles or tiles start to rot. This could be a sign of a significant underlying problem with your roofing system. The longer you wait to consult a professional on replacement, the more damage will be done to your roof and possibly your home. 

Missing shingles or tiles can also cause the underlayment to be exposed to the Arizona elements. You will want to have the missing parts replaced as soon as you can to prevent further damage. When left exposed, your entire roofing system can be harmed and will need to be replaced.

An Important Reminder

Your home may tell you in different ways that it is time for a new roof besides these 4 signs. The most important thing is to not ignore these signs. A roof that is ready to be replaced will cost less than that of a roof in need of replacement plus significant damage to the rest of your home. Routine examination of your roof is recommended so there are no surprises that pop up out of nowhere.

If your roof is approaching the end of its expected life or showing signs that it may need replaced soon, contact Craven Construction. Our professional roofers are available to assess your roof and provide you with a FREE estimate for a complete new roof or repairs. With over 19 years experience in the East Valley, we are your local trusted roofer. 

Is your home showing signs it needs a new roof?

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