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Water circles on your ceiling is typically a common sign that you have a leak in your attic. Naturally homeowners assume the leak is coming from their roof. However, if your air handler is located in your attic, you may want to inspect your drain pan and make sure it is not overflowing. As temperatures rise in Arizona and air conditioners are being turned on, having your AC system examined by a professional is highly recommended and can help prevent these issues. 

A common question we receive is “how do you tell if the leak is from your roof versus air handler?” We are going to walk you through the common signs that your roof is leaking and causing water stains on your ceiling. We’ll also review how you can safely check these areas before calling a professional. 

4 Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

1 – Missing Shingles – When shingles are missing from a roof, typically caused by storms or high winds, it can cause a slow leak into your home. Over time, the missing shingles will allow water and air to slowly leak through your roofing system and into your attic. If you are noticing water stains on your ceiling, be sure to check your roof for missing shingles. 

  • You can safely check your roof for missing shingles by standing in your yard. If you are having trouble seeing your roof or you have a two story home, binoculars are a great tool. 

2 – Damaged Flashing – Flashing is installed in some of the most vulnerable parts of your roof to guide water toward your gutters. When flashing is damaged, cracks, or bent upward, these areas of your roofing system are exposed and water is able to penetrate the roofing seams. Water has the ability to seep through to your attic and cause water circles on your ceiling. 

  • Again, by standing in your yard and inspecting the flashing, you can safely determine if this is the cause of your leak. We recommend using binoculars as flashing can be a little more difficult to inspect from the ground, but allows you to do so safely. 

3 – Stains Around Bathroom Fan – The location inside your home of the water stains on your ceiling can be an indication of where the leak is coming from. Your bathroom fan likely has a vent cap on your roof. If this vent cap is not installed or insulated properly, water can leak through and cause water stains on your bathroom ceiling. 

  • Safely inspect the ceiling inside your bathroom and locate the vent cap on your roof. If there appears to be any damage to that area, contact a professional. They can safely inspect the roof portion and provide you with the best repair option. 

4 – Wet Roof Decking – Roof decking is an essential part of your roofing system as it is the section onto which everything else is placed. Residential roof decking is typically made from plywood and can be covered with insulation on the inside for added protection. When the roof deck becomes wet, it can leak into your attic.

  • To safely inspect your roof deck, you will need to enter your attic and pull back any insulation. If you notice any soft spots on your attic floor, stop and call a roofing professional immediately. Common signs of a wet roof deck is mold growth and the plywood feeling wet to your touch. Contact your local roofer should you suspect you have a roof deck issue as it potentially could be the start to a larger problem. 

While a leaking roof is not something any homeowner wants to deal with, it is important to know the cause of your leak before calling a professional. If you notice water stains on your ceiling, be sure to inspect your roof and your attic air handler before calling a professional. You wouldn’t want to hire an HVAC technician to fix your roof or a roofer to repair your air handler. 

Once you have determined that your roof is the cause of your leak, call Craven Construction to schedule your repair. Our professional roofing team is available to safely inspect your roof and determine the cause of your leak. 

Do you suspect your roof is leaking and in need of repair?

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