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The roof over your head is likely one of the most expensive, yet important, aspects of your East Valley home. As it is a key part of your home and protecting you from the elements, you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible. In order to do so, proper maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep your roof in its best condition. There are also items that can cause your Arizona roof to break down.

4 Things That Will Cause Your Arizona Roof To Fail

1 – Improper Installation

When you are choosing a contractor to install a new roof, ensuring they are licensed, insured, trusted, and experienced is incredibly important! If a roof is not properly installed, there will be nothing but headaches that comes from it. You can expect leaks, missing tiles or shingles, and for it to perform poorly against the elements when a roof is not installed according to the manufacturer standards. There is nothing more expensive than replacing your roof, except if you have to do it twice!

If you did not own the home when it was replaced and feel it was not installed properly, you may need to replace it sooner than later. It is best to catch a catastrophe before it becomes a major problem! This is also why it is recommended to have a trained roofer perform an in-depth inspection of your roof before you purchase a home.

2 – Pressure Washing

Homeowners are consistently told to keep their roofs clean to support a long roof life. Unfortunately, many homeowners mistakenly use a pressure washer to clean their roof of debris, branches, and buildup. The high pressure produced from the pressure washer can do significant damage to your roofing material and supporting components. 

Contact your local roofer if you are unsure how to properly clean your roof. They will be able to offer you guidance or provide you with the service. This way you can be sure the roof will be cleaned the proper way and no damage will be done.

3 – Poor Ventilation

Your home needs to be able to breathe! This is why it is important to have proper attic ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause significant damage to your roof, support beams, and even the structure of your home. A common sign of poor ventilation is your shingles start to curl and be damaged from the inside out. 

Having proper roof ventilation has several advantages and is a critically important part of extending the life of your roof. If you are afraid your current roof does not provide proper ventilation for your home, you do have the option to add some. Contact your local roofer to discuss the options available for your home and roofing style. 

4 – Incorrect Repairs

The most common cause of roof failure is because repairs were completed incorrectly. Homeowners rely on DIY repairs or those completed by a family friend who nailed a single shingle in once. Repairs that are not completed correctly will likely lead to additional damage and could require a significant roof replacement. 

Similar to finding a trusted roofer to install a new roof, finding an experienced roofer to complete repairs is important. Once a repair is complete correctly, you should not have additional issues. Most roofers will provide a free estimate of repairs so you will know the cost upfront and can be prepared once the work is complete.

Taking care of your roof is a key aspect of making sure it lasts. If you are concerned about the status of your roof, contact Craven Construction. Our roofers are experienced with all roofing materials and can provide a proper assessment of your current roof. Contact our office to schedule your FREE estimate or professional roof inspection.

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