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Foam roofing systems are popular among Arizona homeowners. They are a budget friendly option for both installation and maintenance, air conditioning systems can easily be installed, and a flat roof creates an architecturally pleasing indoor space. With proper installation and maintenance, a foam roof can last for quite a while. Replacing a roof can be challenging, expensive, and not something you look forward to, but it can have its benefits.

5 Top Benefits of Replacing Your Foam Roof

  1. Durability – Arizona sees a wide range of weather throughout the year including excessive heat, monsoons, hail, and the occasional snow. Your home needs a roof that can withstand all weather that’s thrown at it. Replacing your foam roof will allow it to remain strong and even more durable to withstand the elements. 
  2. Longevity – Replacing a roof is never something homeowners look forward to. However, with proper maintenance, quick repairs, and recoating every 5-10 years, a foam roof can last you upwards of 25 years. Removing the old roof will clear any crack repairs and old caulking to allow for a fresh start with a new roof. Clearing the old will support a long life for your new roof. 
  3. Increase R-Value – Homeowners in Arizona tend to focus on keeping the heat out and keeping the cool inside their home. A roof’s “R-Value” is the measurement of how well the insulation resists heat and the higher the number, the more heat it can resist. Over time, the heat and moisture will slowly decrease the R-Value of your roof. By replacing your foam roof, you will increase your insulation and the energy efficiency of your home. 
  4. Waterproofing Restored – Replacing your foam roof will essentially restore its waterproofing ability. Over time, your foam roof requires caulking, resurfacing, and other maintenance repairs. While these help extend the life of the roof, they also provide a great opportunity for water to seep in. Completely replacing a foam roof, you are securing the seals around vents, pipes, and removing any damaged areas. Similar to waterproofing, a foam roof is also fire-resistant. Replacing your roof will help your home should there ever be a fire around your home.
  5. Low Cost – No matter what type of material your home has, replacing a roof is a small investment. One of the best benefits of a foam roof is its cost is significantly less than other roofing materials such as tile, shingles, or metal. A foam roof is not pitched, therefore it does not require as much material or labor for installation. This is a huge savings factor when it comes to replacing your roof.

Professional Installation

The key to making sure your foam roof will endure the Arizona elements and last a long time is to have it professionally installed. While DIY home projects tend to initially save the homeowner, the cost of repairs and likelihood of replacement within a few years will come at a greater cost. 

Craven Construction offers over 16 years roofing experience to the East Valley. Contact our office to schedule your FREE estimate. Our team is trained and experienced installing and repairing foam roofs. 

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