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When it comes to your roof, an issue eventually forming is inevitable. As time passes and the roof on your Arizona commercial building ages, the wear and tear will start to show. Ignoring your roof by not maintaining it will likely lead to much larger issues that could cause damage to your building and it’s structure. These issues not only become bigger the longer they go untouched, but so does the price tag to repair them. 

Several factors determine the length of your commercial roof’s lifespan. Items such as weather patterns, materials, maintenance, and installation all play a role in how long your roof will likely last. When one of these items becomes an issue, timely repair is most important. We are going to cover the most common commercial roof issues and how to fix them.

Standing Water 

As one of the most common issues with a flat, commercial roof, standing water can be a sign of two different things. One, your drains could be clogged causing water to backup and not properly be removed from the roof. Standing water can also be a sign of poor roof installation or design. Most flat roofs aren’t completely flat so that water has a natural way to flow to the drains. 

Fix It – Standing Water: First, check your drains to see if they are clogged in any way. Clear any leaves, brush, or debris from the area. This is also a good time to clean the entire roof as anything currently on the roof will likely make its way to the drains. If your drains are clean and you still have standing water, the pitch of your roof may have been designed wrong. Consult with your local roofer for the best solution.


Another common issue with a commercial roof is cracking. Typically caused by the expanding and contracting of the materials as the weather warms and cools. Over time, the continual expanding and contracting can lead to cracks which, if left untouched, can cause holes. Cracks and holes are easily discovered by rainwater and further lead to a leak inside your building. 

Fix It – Cracking: Annual inspection can help you catch these cracks early and give you time to repair them before a leak forms. Ask your local roofer to perform a maintenance inspection at least twice a year. The best times for inspection are in the spring and fall. It is also important to follow any repair suggestions they provide so your small issue doesn’t become a much larger problem.


The most common cause of punctures to a commercial roof is foot traffic. Walking on the roof of your commercial building may be necessary for inspection, maintenance, or other repair needs. This can include to your roof or other systems typically stored on top of the building, like your HVAC system. Heeled boots and other aggressive soles can easily puncture a roof. Other items, such as nearby trees, can puncture a roof as well. 

Fix it – Punctures: Limit foot traffic as much as possible on your roof. If a technician does go on your roof, be sure to inspect the area after they are complete to make sure their shoes or tools did not damage the roof. Additionally, properly trimmed trees and maintaining the area around your building can help make sure branches and debris does not cause damage.

Lack of Maintenance

A key to a long-lifespan for your commercial roof is an annual maintenance plan. Prevention is going to be the best defense against any major problem. Typically a maintenance inspection is performed by a roofer where they can identify areas of potential concern or small issues. The notes your roof makes and provides to you should not be taken lightly. If your trusted roofing professional discovers a small issue, be sure to schedule the repair immediately to make sure it does not turn into something much bigger and more costly. 

Fix It – Lack of Maintenance: Schedule a maintenance inspection with your local commercial roofing expert. They may also have a commercial plan for annual inspection and repair. Also, make sure repairs are completed in a timely fashion.


Living in the East Valley, it is understandable that weather patterns can vary throughout the year and from year to year. Being unpredictable, the weather can cause significant issues with your commercial roof. While there is no way to “fix” the weather, you can prepare for it. 

  • If the forecast calls for rain, make sure your drains are not clogged and there are no threats of puncture to your roof. 
  • Excessive sun can cause cracking and the indoor temperature of your building to elevate. Check when the last time a heat resistant coating was applied. 
  • Wind can cause a roof blow off. The best preparation for this is to make sure the roof is properly secured to your structure. If you are unsure of this, ask your roofer to inspect it.

Proper Maintenance

The best way to catch common commercial roofing issues before they become a much larger problem is with proper inspection and maintenance. Having a trusted roofer examine your roof a few times a year is a small price to pay compared to a large repair. Timely repairs and simple maintenance will ensure the problem does not worsen and significantly damage your building. 

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