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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your business, no matter the type of business you have. When your commercial roof begins to leak, it has the potential to cause significant damage that will not only hinder your business, but also your wallet. Below are 5 common issues when you commercial roof leaks and it goes untouched.

Common Commercial Roof Leak Issues

  1. Mold Growth – When a roof is leaking, water easily makes its way into every crevice it can find and soaks into the interior of your roofing system. You may notice mold growth on your ceiling or walls, but it has also been known to grow in the drywall, carpet, insulation, or wood frame. Mold can produce a putrid smell that can be detected before the visible signs of mold growth. If you smell or see mold within your business, be sure to check your roof for a leak immediately. 
  2. Compromised Support Structure – As water soaks into the support structure of your business and mold continues to grow on support beams, the structure will weaken. If gone unnoticed or untouched, a critical situation, such as a roof collapse, could occur. Performing regular roof examinations is best to prevent water damage before it reaches this degree. 
  3. Insulation Weight – As we said before, when your commercial roof is leaking, water can make its way into everything, including your insulation. When the insulation soaks up the water, it will become heavy and break down. This causes the insulation to no longer do its job and it adds considerable amount of weight to your ceiling. When left untouched, a dangerous situation could arise. 
  4. Ceiling or Wall Water Stains – One key sign and a very common issue of a commercial roof leak is water stains on the ceiling or interior walls. When the water finds its way into your business through the roof, it will stain at its entry point. Water stains should be taken care of and your roof repaired before the damage becomes any greater and a more serious issue appears. 
  5. Indoor Water Puddles – Similar to water stains, water from a leak can puddle inside your business. Appearing on the floor, indoor water puddles are a sign that you have a more serious leak on your hands as the water has already seeped through your ceiling or wall.

Leaving a roof leak untouched and not repaired can be risky business. You can prevent further damage by looking for the early signs of a leak. Regular inspection is recommended for all commercial businesses and sometimes required.

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