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Roofing repairs can be expensive and at some point, your Arizona home is going to need them. If you are trying to save a few dollars, you might want to look into doing a little bit of the work yourself. Small DIY repairs can be made by any homeowner that is handy, as long as you don’t mind a little bit of heights. 

Two important things to keep in mind before you go down the DIY road are safety and knowing when to call a professional. Safety is always most important when considering doing any form of house work. You will need a ladder tall enough to reach your roof, the ability to climb and balance on the roof to reach the repair, and the necessary tools to complete the job. Additionally, you will want to properly inspect the damaged area before diving into the repair. If it appears to be too big of a job for you, you will save yourself a lot by calling a professional roofer first. 

To help you decipher between a DIY roof repair that you can likely complete and when to call a professional, we have compiled five small roof repairs any skilled homeowner can complete.

1. Shingle or Tile Replacement

If you notice a few shingles or tiles have gone missing or have been recently damaged, you should be able to handle replacing them. Before you remove the old shingles or tiles, you will want to find the replacements to prevent the underlayment from being exposed for too long. Most roofers will leave a few spares behind when they install new roofs for this exact purpose. If you do not have extras stashed in your garage, you will need to find matching ones in both style and color so the patch is not too obvious. 

Once you obtain the replacements. Carefully remove the old shingles or tiles and possibly a few around them if they are loose or damaged as well. A mixture of adhesives and roofing nails are used to secure the replacements. Be sure to research what is best for your roofing material as they can vary.

2. Caulking & Fastening Flashing

Flashing is the material typically found around chimneys, skylights, and walls where there is a gap in the roof material and is used to direct water away from the roof when it rains. When flashing becomes loose, damaged, or is completely missing, you risk leaks inside your home and potentially other issues if left untouched. If you discover your flashing needs attention, you will want to secure the flashing with proper adhesive and caulking.

3. Gutter & Valley Cleaning

When debris is lodged inside your gutters and roof valleys, it can cause water to not drain properly from your roof. You will want to inspect your gutters and valleys at least once a year and clear them of any dirt, yard clippings, or other debris. Gutters can be scooped out or you have the option to flush them with a garden hose. If you choose to use a hose, be sure to wear proper shoes as your ladder could become quite slippery. The same concepts can be used to clean your roof valleys. Be sure you can safely access both via a ladder and wear non-slip shoes.

4. Patch A Flat Roof

Completing a repair on a flat roof is a bit more simple than a pitched roof simply because the roof is flat. You will need a ladder to reach your roof, but with the roof being flat, it is more safe to complete the repairs. With the proper materials and knowledge, you can likely complete this repair rather quickly. Visit your local hardware store to find the best patch repair kit that matches your current roofing materials. Be careful with these materials as some may be harmful if they directly touch your skin. 

5. Replace Vents

Roofing vents can become damaged or bent and need replaced. As there are several types of vents your roof can have, be sure to know what kind, style, and size you will need before you remove the old one. Once you have the correct materials, you can simply remove the old vent and replace it with the new one. You will likely need new nails and caulking when installing the new vents. Also, if the shingles around the vent are older or also damaged, you will want to replace them as well.

Do It Yourself

DIY repairs can help save you a few dollars if they are done safely and with the correct materials. Taking care of problems as soon you notice them can also prevent them from becoming larger issues requiring the attention of a professional roofer. 

If you notice a problem that may be bigger than you are comfortable completing or a leak has spread to a larger area, contact your local roofing contractor. Craven Construction offers FREE estimates to residents of the East Valley. Our team is experienced with all roofing materials and skilled with repairs of any variety. Contact our office today to schedule your repair or re-roof!

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