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Flat roofs are incredibly popular for commercial buildings. They offer a cost effective option for property and business owners that is also incredibly durable. As modern roofs are becoming more popular, flat roofs are more stylish than ever. If you are looking for a leak proof option for your commercial building, you might consider a flat roof. 

With any considerable investment, doing as much research as possible is always most advisable. By understanding the ins & outs of a flat roof, deciding to install one for your business will be easier. Below are a few facts you might not know about a flat roof to support your decision.

5 Facts About Commercial Flat Roofs

1. They Aren’t Actually Flat

The most common misconception about flat roofs is that they are actually flat. While they are flatter than your traditional roof, a flat roof needs to be slightly sloped so water does not pool. The small slant in the roof will allow water to run off and away from your building. No need to worry, the slope will not be noticeable to the untrained eye and if the roof is professionally installed.

2. Flat Roofs Add Storage Space

Commercial properties tend to install flat roofs because they offer the perfect place for HVAC equipment. This allows large pieces of machinery to be installed that will feed the entire building, but it will also be out of the way. Technicians will still be able to access the equipment, even on the roof.

3. A Long Life Expectancy With Professional Support

Many business owners in Arizona expect that a flat roof does not last very long due to the extreme temperatures seen during the summer months. However, with proper maintenance and care, flat roofs can have a life expectancy over 20 years. Professional installation, routine maintenance, and timely repairs can help ensure your commercial flat roof will last. 

The material used for flat roofs can be harmful and needs to be handled in a specific manner to prevent leaks. Always consult with a skilled roofing contractor to ensure the roof is installed and repaired properly.

4. The Inside Of Your Building Will Not Be Warmer 

Flat roofs are typically coated with a special material to ensure they do not make the building warmer inside. Flat roofs are often referred to as cool roofs for this reason. These roofs can also reduce energy costs because they deflect UV rays. As the energy cost can be quite significant for a large commercial building, a flat roof can help cut costs.

5. Cost Effective Option For Your Business

There is no denying that a new roof can be quite expensive. Depending on the material, roof size, complexity, and other factors, the price of a commercial sized roof can be significant. However, choosing to install a flat roof can also be a choice for the less expensive option. Technology has allowed flat roofs to gain popularity and new material development has made flat roofs more affordable.

Interested In A New Flat Roof?

If you are considering a flat roof for your commercial building, researching them will allow for you to clear out any misconceptions. A professional roofer will be able to answer all of your questions and help you assess your building to determine a flat roof is best for it. 

Craven Construction has been installing flat roofs on East Valley commercial buildings for nearly two decades. Our team is experienced with roofs of all shapes and sizes. Contact our office today to schedule a free estimate.

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