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You spent a lot of time in your backyard this summer, but noticed during the heat of the day, it was just too hot to enjoy the outdoors. Did you know you have several options for patio roof coverings? We have compiled a list of the most attractive roofing options to protect your patio, and you, during inclement weather.

Patio Roof Options

  1. Gable Roof – The most traditional and the most popular patio roofing style is a gable roof. A gable is the part of a wall that encloses the end of a pitched roof. This roofing style would be best for your home that already features roof peaks. Customization to a gable roof is available by removing the gable wall if you prefer exposed beams or would like to add a different trim style.
  2. Shed Roof – Also known as a mono-pitched roof, a shed roof slopes down in one direction and is a great option as an addition to an existing roof. A shed roof is simple in style which makes it a great compliment to most other roof styles. You can also customize this roofing style with decorative trim and fascias.
  3. Aluminum Awning – A practical shade solution that is often not considered as a patio roof option is an aluminum awning. These structures can be attached to your home or freestanding and are designed to compliment the style of your home. An excellent option for generating shade over a patio or deck area, an aluminum awning can also a more budget friendly option.
  4. Pergola Roof – Simply a roofing grid supported by columns, a pergola roof provides endless opportunities for a patio roof. The roof can be closed off creating great coverage from all weather elements. A popular option is to leave the roofing grid open to gain the latticework effect. Though this results in less protection, adding climbing plants offers an attractive outdoor look while providing shade.
  5. Custom Roof – Being a homeowner, you have endless opportunities when it comes to customizing your home and your patio is another occasion to personalize it. Designers and contractors can take any of the roofing styles mentioned above and tailor them to fit your home. Material, trim, construction, and all other design elements can be altered to fit your needs.

Your patio is an extension of your home and should be useful in all weather conditions. Let Craven Construction design a patio roof that complements your home. Beat the heat next summer and schedule your free estimate now!

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