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Tile roofing dates back thousands of years and has been quite successful at protecting houses and buildings alike. They offer an aesthetically pleasing roofing option that is durable and has a long lifespan. Regardless of their success, tile roofs are often scrutinized and have several myths that still linger about them.

Myths and misconceptions about roofing materials often turn homeowners away from selecting them for their next roof. We are here today to break the mold of these five tile roof myths in hopes to help educate you as you shop for your new roof. 

1. Tile Roofs Are Too Heavy For My House

Are tile roofs heavier than other roofing materials? Yes, they are. This myth often steers homeowners away from choosing it for their next roof. However, many homeowners are uneducated and do not understand that regardless of the type of material currently used, a tile roof could be in their future. 

A professional roofer can assess a house and determine if alterations can be made to support a tile roof. Contact your local roofer and schedule an appointment to see if your home can bear the weight of a tile roof.

2. Tile Roofs Are Most Expensive

One of the more popular misconceptions about tile roofs is that they are the most expensive roofing material available. This is largely based on the initial cost of installing a new tile roof. While it does have a large initial investment, there are several other advantages that help justify the cost. You can think of a tile roof as a long-term investment for your home. 

Tile roofs have the longest lifespan amongst all other roofing materials. For reference, you will need to replace a shingle roof twice before you would need to replace a tile roof. They also require minimal maintenance and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. The initial cost of a tile roof may seem expensive, however, the savings in repair, maintenance, and long lifespan help offset the price tag.

3. Tile Roofs Crack Very Easily 

Tiles are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. If a tile cracks as it gets hit with hail or small debri, it likely is not a quality material. Only reputable roofing companies will provide quality materials that will not buckle to their customers. Additionally, proper installation of quality materials ensures they will last quite some time. While we are not saying accidents don’t happen and tiles don’t crack, it is not very common under typical conditions for tiles to crack.

4. Tile Roofs Absorb Water

Tiles are made from clay and clay is typically porous, meaning it should absorb moisture. However, clay tiles that are used for roofs are baked at high heat, which helps create a waterproofing feature of the tile. Again, a low quality roofer might use low quality tiles to keep costs lower, but the tile should never absorb water to turn it soft. Modern technology has also allowed for additional water and weather proofing for all tiles. If you are concerned that the tiles on your roof are going to absorb water to the point where your roof will collapse, trust modern science that it will not.

5. Tile Roofs Absorb Heat

Technically, this myth is true. Tiles used for roofing material do absorb heat, along with every single other material used to cover residential homes. The misconception around this myth is that tiles do not allow a lot of this heat to be transferred through to the attic. It is common for roofing materials to allow a small amount of radiant heat to make its way to the roof deck. However, a proper roof installation should include attic insulation to minimize this heat transfer.

Know The Facts

Myths are created for a number of reasons and come from a number of sources. The fact of the matter is you should always educate yourself and do as much research before making any major decision, including which roofing material to select. When in doubt, speaking to a number of reputable professionals should give you a better idea of the truth.

If you are located in the East Valley,  contact Craven Construction today. Our team can answer any questions you might have regarding tile roofs and the installation process. We will also provide you with a FREE estimate to have a new tile roof installed on your home. Trust the experts at Craven Construction with over two decades of experience. 

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