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Living in Arizona, you know that the daytime heat can be intense! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your patio. A patio serves a different purpose for every homeowner. Many use it as a place of relaxation after a long day at work while others use it to entertain family and friends for weekend celebrations. 

No matter how you use your patio, the most important thing is it should be comfortable and enjoyable.

To help you make a space that is relaxing and fits into your needs, there are several ways to upgrade your patio space. We’ve put together our top five recommendations that will not only improve the patio area, but are also a good investment.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Patio To Enjoy This Summer

1. Lights

Adding lights to your patio space allows you to continue to enjoy the area after the sun goes down. Some areas we have added lights for customers include the ceiling, landscaping, patio railings and steps, with multiple color settings, and many more. Depending on how you utilize your patio will help determine the lights you might want installed. Work with your local contractor and electrician to see what they would recommend for your specific patio and backyard. 

2. Speakers

Similar to lights, speakers add to the experience of your patio. Having music streamed during a party or the ability to have superior surround sound during the big game elevates the experience. Speakers can also be added to the ceiling, in landscaping, and in areas where you entertain to keep the party going! 

3. Fan / Mister

If you enjoy using your patio during the day, or still feel very warm at night, adding a fan or a mister will certainly be a great investment. Adding a fan over an outdoor dining area will allow you to use it even more. A mister is a great investment for your backyard! With the ability to tie them into your outdoor sprinkler system, a mister is relatively easy to install. Add a fan or a mister to your backyard patio and really enjoy the space this summer. 

4. Sunshades

Umbrellas are nice, but they can only cover a small portion of a patio. In recent years, full sun shades have gained popularity… and for good reason! Many are made to cover large spaces, block UV rays, and can withstand the outdoor environment. These canopies are also easy to install and care for making them perfect for year round protection.

5. Comfortable Furniture

The final recommendation to improve your patio this summer is to add comfortable furniture. Think of this like the icing on the cake to creating your backyard sanctuary. Investing in furniture that you love and are incredibly comfortable in will ensure your happiness all summer long, if not all year.

Upgrading your patio will not only let you enjoy it more this summer, but it can also be an investment for your future plans. If you are considering selling your home, adding these items can certainly increase the value of your home. You also certainly cannot put a price on your happiness, so make your backyard and patio an area you love! 

If you are looking to upgrade your patio, contact Craven Construction today. Our team is skilled at all things patio, including adding on to your home or upgrading your current one. Request a free estimate today and discuss your options with our professionals!

Is Your Patio Ready For An Upgrade?

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