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Having a new roof installed can be a lot! You have to find the funds, find a qualified roofer, make a lot of decisions, and simply plan for someone to replace a crucial piece of your home. While there is a lot to be done, there is no need to be stressed or anxious on top of everything else. 

The last thing you should be stressed about is your roof installation!  

With careful planning, preparation, and open communication, the process of a new roof installation can be done smoothly. If you are considering a new roof this year, read through our top tips to make sure your roof installation is successful. We want to help you keep stress to a minimum during this time.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Roof Installation Is Successful

1. Find The Right Roofer

While you are looking for a qualified roofer, it is recommended to get an estimate from at least three roofing companies. Not only will you get to see what different companies charge for a full reroof, you will also get to interview each of the roofers. Whichever makes you feel most comfortable and is within your budget, should be the roofer you go with. 

Before hiring the roofer, ask for a copy of their insurance and licenses. If they cannot or will not provide these documents, it is best to steer clear of them. A roofer that is willing to immediately  supply you with a copy, and possibly with their certifications, can be trusted and you know you will be covered in the event of an accident. Another way to ensure you are hiring the best roofer for you is to ask for referrals. There is no better way to get to know a roofing company than by talking with previous customers. Look online for reviews as well if you are concerned about their credibility.

2. Ask All Of Your Questions

Whether you are just starting the process of finding a roofer or they are working on a new roof already, be sure to ask any question you might have. The less you have to question or think about for yourself, the more comfortable you will be during the process of installation. While you are getting an estimate from the roofer, have your list of questions prepared to discuss the initial phases of the roof replacement process. These could include:

  • Are you local?
  • Do you provide a written estimate?
  • What is the warranty for the roof? What exactly is included with the warranty?
  • Will you provide a dumpster for materials? 

During the installation process, you should have a direct line to  someone that can answer any questions that may come up. Whether it is project manager, leader roofer, or the owner of the business, be sure to have a reliable source for any questions or concerns.

3. Understand the Project

Again, the more you know initially about the roof installation process, the more comfortable you will be and less stressed. Discussing the nitty gritty details about the project and the plan to get everything done should be a priority when talking with your roofer. The more you discuss during your initial meeting with the roofing company, the more accurate the estimate will be. This will also prevent any financial surprises in the end.

4. Discuss Local Code & Permit Needs 

Building codes and regulations are put into place by your local government. Your roofing contractor should be aware of all necessary permit needs and handle obtaining them. Be sure to discuss this while meeting with your roofer. If they are not confident about local regulations, you may want to find a roofer who is. 

Following codes and regulations is essential for the success of your roof installation. The last thing you want to happen is a government administrator showing up to your house and work to be brought to an immediate halt. A quality roofer will handle everything for you and know the essentials, along with obtaining any permits needed for your project.

5. Prepare Your Home

Making necessary preparations for your home and family can help prevent delay and headache when it comes to installation days. This can include clearing the driveway from any vehicles so there is room for the dumpster and other necessary equipment. Plan to have children and pets away from the home during that time as loud noises and banging can make them irritable. Lastly, make sure your neighbors know that you are having a new roof installed. They can also plan to away from the home and look for stray nails or material.

A new roof installation does not need to add stress to your life!

Properly planning and preparation can help you during this important time. Discussing all of your options with your roofer and keeping communication open will certainly make this time even less stressful. 

If you are located in the East Valley and in need of a trusted local roofing company, contact  Craven Construction today! Our team is highly skilled and trained on roofs of every material and size. We are also licensed and insured to provide you with an added peace of  mind during this time that can be so stressful for a homeowner. Call our office to start the process and schedule  a FREE estimate with our roofing professional.

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