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A roof is one of the most important aspects of a home. It shields you and your family from the elements. It ensures all of your belongings stay intact. And it helps keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Inevitably, things happen causing the roof to need repaired or maintained. As an East Valley professional roof repair company, we have seen just about everything in our twenty plus years of business. Below are the most common roofing issues we see and often repair along with what could happen if they are left untouched.

6 Common Roofing Repairs

1. Leak

Often the most common roofing problem we encounter is a leaking roof, especially during monsoon season or late summer. Many homeowners find water spots on their walls or ceilings, which is a clear indication that there is a leak in the roof. Another common sign of a leak is water pooling. If you notice either of these signs, you will definitely want to contact your local roofer immediately.

Failing to repair a leaking roof can have detrimental consequences. When left untouched, a leak can grow and spread to be a much bigger issue. Often, water will find its way into the support structure and cause it to weaken. Mold and mildew growth is another concern with a leaky roof that can cause health concerns to those inside the home. A leaking roof should be repaired as quickly as possible to help prevent further damage.

2. Damaged or Missing Flashing

To help keep moisture out of the cracks of a roof where two surfaces meet, flashing is used to reroute away. Areas such as chimneys, vents, skylights, and walls create vulnerable spaces in the roofing system susceptible to leaks. Flashing diverts moisture away from these areas and to the gutter system in an effective manner. When the flashing is damaged or missing, these areas are left open to more significant damage. 

Instead of flashing, many contractors will use a roofing cement to “seal” these areas. While this may be effective for a little while, eventually this cement wears away or becomes damaged, allowing water to seep in. Roofers use flashing to better protect these areas from moisture invasion.

3. Rotting Fascia

Fascia is a part of the roofing system and helps protect the edge of the roof from the elements. Often, gutters are attached to the fascia so it might not always be completely visible to the homeowner. Rotting fascia is one issue we frequently see when it comes to roof repairs because most homeowners do not know about it and it is in a vulnerable area of the roof. 

When left untouched, the rotting fascia can cause damage to the house and the roof. A common sign that your fascia is rotting is if the gutters appear to be sagging. If nothing is done, the gutters can be ripped completely from the house and cause significant issues.

4. Tear Off

Excessive wind and stormy conditions can cause roof tiles to shift or shingles to be ripped straight from the roof. Sometimes, entire sections of the roof are completely removed and torn off. When this happens, it leaves crucial areas of the roof deck exposed to the very elements that caused the tear off. 

Shingles and tiles are put into place to protect the lower layers of the roofing system. When they are torn off and left exposed, significant damage can be caused. Compared to a completely new roof, replacing a few tiles or shingles can be a relatively small price to pay. Many roofing companies will install a temporary roof if the schedule is booked, especially after a large storm.

5.  Shingle or Tile Replacement

Many things can happen that cause the need for a shingle or tile replacement. Large branches can crack a tile, rodents can find their way under a shingle, or the nails holding them in place cause them to become loose. Regardless of the cause, when one or two shingles or tiles are missing, it can be detrimental when left untouched. 

Roofers often leave leftover shingles or tiles behind after they install a new roof. If you are skilled and feel safe enough, you can replace these items yourself. However, if you do not have any replacements and do not feel safe climbing on your roof yourself, contact your local roofer for a quick repair.

6. Shiners

Roofing nails that are too long and go through the roof deck are referred to as shiners. They can also be nails that completely miss the framing of the roof. Called shiners because when frost settles on the roof, these nails are visible through the insulation in the attic. 

Shiners can be an issue for homeowners because they allow moisture through the roofing system and into the roof deck. They can cause leak formation or damage to the entire roofing system.

Professional Roofing Repair

If your roof has been damaged and in need of repair, contact Craven Construction. Our team will inspect the troublesome area and provide you with a FREE estimate for necessary repairs. We are your East Valley roofing expert and can handle all of your roofing needs.  

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