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A wood patio offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and affordability for an addition to any home. Adding one can give character and personality to your front or back yard. Your patio can also become the place to be this summer! 

If you are ready to elevate your summer, add a new wood patio to your home! 

A patio is often the place where family and friends gather, dinner is cooked and enjoyed, or coffee is enjoyed. There are several other reasons to add a wood patio to your house. Craven Construction is here to offer six of our top reasons for you to enjoy the outdoors this summer on a new wood patio.

1. Warm, Natural Look

Wood offers a beautiful look that is both warm and natural. This palette and impression blends well with the Arizona landscape, which makes a wood patio a popular house addition. The warm sense of the patio also compliments most Arizona homes. Regardless of the color, shape, and size of your home, a wood patio will certainly add to the aestetic. 

2. Affordable

A wood patio is the most affordable way to add living space to a house, especially when compared to other patio materials. For example, a composite deck comes with its own set of advantages, it also comes with a price tag that can be upwards of twice the cost. Adding a patio to your home can be an investment, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. If you are looking for the most affordable option, wood is definitely the way to go! 

3. Color Options

While wood comes in simple, natural colors, it can be painted or stained any color. The options available are endless. Some homeowners decide to stain the wood so they can still see the grain and grooves. Others choose to paint the wood to coordinate with their home. You also choose to stand out amongst your neighbors and choose a color that is vibrant to tell friends where the party is. 

4. All Weather

Arizona sees all types of weather patterns throughout the year. Luckily, a wood deck is built to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it! From heavy rains and winds during monsoon season to the excessive heat in summer, a wood patio will hold up. Routine treatment and maintenance will help even more for youor wood patio to withstand the Arizona climate. 

5. Always On Trend

A wood patio will never go out of style! This makes adding one to your Arizona home a smart investment that will continue to add value for years to come. Also, because wood is so versatile, it continues to be a top choice among homeowners. Patios can be created in multiple levels, shapes, and sizes which adds to their trendiness along with the multiple functions it offers. 

6. Sustainable

Wood offers a sustainable building material with a variety of environmental benefits. Wood is a naturally renable material that typically does not end up in the landfill, like similar alternative patio materials. With today’s environment and the focus on “going green”, choosing wood for your new patio will offer a way to not only get a great outdoor space, but also to help the environment.

Elevate Your Summer

Adding a wood patio to your Arizona home comes with several benefits. Not only are they complimentary to any home style, the color options are endless between paint and stain. They offer an affordable way to add living space to your home and provide a comfortable entertaining space. Furthermore, wood is a sustainable material that wil always be on trend. Add a patio to your home and enjoy your time outside this summer! 

If you are located in the East Valley and ready to install a wood patio on your Arizona home, call Craven Construction today! Our team has several years experience designing patios of every size and professionally installing them. Call our office to schedule your FREE estimate!

Are you ready to elevate your Summer with a new wood patio?

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