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Arizona sees close to 300 days with sun each year, which is one of the greatest advantages of living here. Even though it rains during monsoon season and the winter months get a little chilly, the sun isn’t gone for long. While the heat takes its toll on everyone, it also affects your home and specifically your roof. 

Since your roof is exposed to direct sunlight most days, it can cause damage that you might not even realize or know is there. While it is recommended that you have your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor at least once a year, knowing the common signs of damage could end up saving your roof.

3 Common Damages from the Summer Sun

UV Rays

Over time, the UV rays from the sun can break down the materials used to make your roof. The heat and UV rays can cause damage to your shingles, underlayment, wood, and tiles. To the untrained eye, damage can be occurring and a homeowner does not even know it. Damage typically starts out small and can progress until there is obvious, significant signs of damage. Small cracks form from the sun breaking down the materials and letting water into your roofing system. The cracks become very obvious during monsoon season. 

Extreme Temperatures

During the summer, the extreme temperatures cause materials to expand and contract. This movement, over time, can cause your roof’s materials to deteriorate, dry out, and eventually break. Shingles and tiles can crack and diminish granule by granule. Underlayment can become very dry and wear away as well. Over time, you may notice your energy bill to increase as your roof is no longer protecting your home and letting precious air out. 

Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can also cause your roofing materials to warp or blister. Warped shingles can be spotted from the ground as the edges begin to curl. If you have a few curled shingles, they can easily be replaced and not affect the overall condition of your roof. However, if there are several edges that are curled, your roof can become uneven and leave your underlayment exposed. The exposed underlayment can be severely damaged by water or even more by the sun’s rays.

Repairing A Damaged Roof

To prevent further damage to your roof, or even the interior of your home, it is extremely important to have any damaged materials replaced. This could be done by replacing damaged tiles or worn down shingles. If the underlayment of your roof has been exposed, you may need to call a roofing company to replace it. 

Industry standards recomend having your roof inspected by a professional at least once per year. A roofer will have the knowledge to know what to look for and catch deterioration early. This can help prevent excessive damage from being done to your roofing system. 

When to Re-Roof

When a roof is damaged beyond repair, or the repairs are needed more frequently, it may be time for a re-roof. Severe damage that requires a large area of your roof to be repaired, could cost you a significant amount. The larger the area that has been damaged, the larger the repair bill will likely be. 

Another indication that your repair bill will be significant is if the damage has penetrated several layers of your roof system. This could include the underlayment, wood, or even cause damage into your attic. Most likely, if repairs are needed to several layers, a re-roof is a better option to fix the current damage and ensure further damage is not incurred at a later time. 

When you are considering a re-roof, determine what material is best for your home’s roof. A common cause of damage to a roof is because it is not meant to withstand the environment in which it lives. Consulting with your roofer will offer the best solution to help prevent sun damage in the future. 

If you believe your roof has sun damage, or you want an expert opinion, contact Craven Construction today. We offer over 16 years experience and are available to professionally inspect your roof for sun damage. Contact our office to schedule your FREE estimate today!

Does your roof have sun damage?

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