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Over time, most home owners develop their “do it yourself” skills and utilize it to repair items around their home. The main advantage of completing the work yourself versus hiring someone to perform the repairs is it saves your wallet. Is this savings always beneficial in the long run? 

We’re examining the cost of DIY repairs versus hiring a professional for your roofing repairs. Each comes with their own set of advantages and additional costs that most homeowners do not necessarily consider.

Cost of DIY Repairs

Completing roofing repairs yourself offers several advantages as a homeowner. The main reason most homeowners complete their own repairs is money. Owning a home can be an expense in itself. When something happens to your roof, it may come at a time when you are not financially capable of hiring a roofer. There are several costs, which can turn expensive, associated with DIY repairs. 

Other costs of DIY repairs include:

  • Research – If you are not a professional roofer, you may not know how to complete the repairs needed for your roof. Determining what your roof requires and understanding how to do so will take time. If your roof is in need of emergency work, you may not have the time to perform a lot of research. 
  • Time – Time is going to be the biggest expense of DIY repairs. Like we said above, you may need to perform lengthy research to understand what repairs are needed and how to complete them. Additional time will be needed to complete the actual work. If you have a full time job, you may need to work after hours or take time off from your job to complete the repairs. Taking into account the lost income or other valuable time you may need to give up is something to strongly consider before you complete the repairs yourself. 
  • Materials – You will need to purchase roofing materials yourself when performing DIY repairs. Often, these materials will have a greater cost at a local hardware store. You also run the risk of buying unnecessary items or over buying without the ability to return or re-use. 

While completing DIY repairs appear to be a great money savings way to repair your roof, there are still several costly expenses. Another major factor to consider before you start your repair, consider what will happen when your DIY repair needs replaced in a year or two. 

Cost of Professional Roof Repair

When a homeowner is looking to hire a roofer to complete a repair, the main disadvantage is the seemingly large upfront cost. The price that your roofer gives you will likely include the cost of materials and labor. Depending on the size of the repair and the amount of time it will take to repair, your estimate can vary vastly. It is always recommended for a homeowner to receive and compare 2-3 roofing estimates before deciding on who to hire. Most roofing companies offer a FREE estimate!

Apart from the initial costs, there are not a lot of expenses to hiring a roofer to complete a repair. You are not only paying them to complete the repairs, but also for their knowledge to finish the job correctly. If there is concern after the repair is complete, they should fix any additional repairs either for free or for a discounted price. Asking about a warranty or guarantee before you hire a professional roofer is always a good idea to make sure there is no question in the future. 

Hiring a roofer has several advantages:

  • Additional Inspection – A professional roofer will know exactly what to look for when you hire them. They may also find necessary repairs that would cause further damage if you choose to DIY the repair. 
  • Remove Materials – Most roofing companies bring large disposal containers to ensure your damaged materials are properly disposed of. 
  • Time – If your roof  has been damaged to the point where it is disrupting your life, a DIY repair may take extensive time. When you hire a roofing team, they are likely able to complete the repair in a fraction of the time and put your life back together sooner than later. 

Yes, the initial cost of roofing repair by a professional company may be shocking and push you towards a DIY mend. We strongly recommend you consider the longevity of hiring a roofing expert before you commit. You could save yourself thousands of dollars in the end.

If your roof has been damaged, there are many factors to consider before choosing to DIY the repairs. Check out our Risks of DIY Repair blog post if you are still considering that route. 

Or if you are ready to hire Craven Construction for your Arizona roof repair, contact our office today! Our team is available and capable of managing large, demanding repairs. We offer FREE estimates on all roofing repairs and installation as well!

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