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Proper and professional maintenance is required for your roof to do its job as it is designed to do. Unlike a car, that tells you exactly when it is time for an oil change or your tire pressure is low, a roof requires a bit more attention to know when maintenance is needed. This is where a roofing maintenance program comes into play. 

A roof is often one of the larger investments homeowners make in their homes and having an established maintenance program is the best way to protect this investment. Proper maintenance can ensure your roof exceeds its lifespan while also protecting it from significant damage by uncovering minor problems. 

If you are ready to establish a roofing maintenance program, Craven Construction is here for you today! We are going to walk through the essential pieces of a maintenance program and help you establish a routine for the long-term success of your roof.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

  • Catch small problems before they turn into a much larger, and more expensive, issue. 
  • Protects the investment you have made in your roof.
  • Offers an added peace of mind the next time a massive storm comes through.

Organize Your Files

One of the best things you can do for your home and establishing a maintenance program is to organize your files. Having everything you might need in one, organized space is extremely helpful. Items you might want too keep in your roofing files include:

  • Roof drawings & specifications with locations of rooftop equipment, drains, andd other pertinent items
  • Product data, including the roofing material, gutter information, roof vents, etc. 
  • Any repair orders you have record of
  • Warranty information, if applicable, and manufacturer information 
  • Contact information and correspondence records 

This is not an all encompassing list, but it will give you aa good direction of items yoouo might want to keep in your roofing files.

Create Your Maintenance Routine

Many homeowners are capable of completing a few items of a maintenance inspection themselves. If you cannot safely inspect your roof, we highly recommend contacting your local roofing contractor. A sturdy ladder, rubber sole shoes or boots, and the ability to climb to the highest points of your rof are essential. 

Establishing a routine and examining the roof at least twice a year is recommended. Typically early Spring and Fall are the best times to perform a roofing inspection. Early Spring will catch any damage done over the winter months and prepare for warmer months. A Fall inspection will reveal if your roof has sustain UV damage and offer time for repairs for the winter weather. 

The key is to perform these inspections consistently and noting any potential issues. If you notice any significant problems with your roof, contact your local roofing company immediately and get a professional opinion. It is also recommended to examine your roof after a large storm in case there is a chance of a leak that has formed or a limb has caused damage.

Schedule With A Professional

Every *great* DIYer knows when their limits have been met and when it is time to call a professional. Like we said earlier, if you notice any issues with your roof, it is best to call a professional. They will be able to examine the roof and provide necessary repair services. 

Many homeowners also ask a professional roofer to complete a routine inspection as a part of their maintenance program. An inspection is an in-depth review of the entire roofing system, which can find problems with the roof that you may miss. 

If you are located in the East Valley and in need of roof repair after completing your own roof inspection, contact Craven Construction today. Our team is highly experienced and professionally trained on roofs of every size and material. Call our office today to schedule your FREE estimate

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