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Adding a porch to your home may seem to be a small addition, however its impact can be massive. Not only will a porch alter the identity of your home, but it will also change the way your home functions. There are aspects of a housing structure that are necessary to ensure its structural integrity and safety for everything inside. 

When adding a porch, your existing roof will also need to be altered.

Before you start hammering away to build a new porch, you should understand how it will affect your current roof. We have put together a few items to help you before you begin your project along with a few advantages of adding a new porch to your home. Craven Construction is your  trusted source for all of your residential roofing needs.

Why Build A New Porch?

There are several reasons to add a new porch to your home. Depending on your specific needs, wants, desires, and preferred look, your motives for adding a porch will differ. However, the advantages of adding one can far outweigh anything else. Whether your home is in need of a welcoming area in the front or a relaxing space in your backyard, you will certainly benefit from the addition. 

Here are our top three reasons to add a new porch:

  1. Shade – The sun can be hot, especially during the summer here in Arizona. Finding as much shade as possible is a necessity and having a porch or patio to relax on, while staying out of the sun, is a positive. 
  2. Added Entertaining Space – If you enjoy having family & friends over, or your family simply enjoys being outdoors, you can add a great entertaining space with a new patio. Think of all the fun you can have grilling outside and entertaining on your porch or patio. 
  3. Curb Appeal – A porch adds an attractive welcome area to your home. Consider adding a porch if your front door currently has no roofing structure over top to protect your guests from the elements as they enter your home. The added lines and features of the porch can increase your curb appeal, and asking price if you ever consider selling your house.

While you start planning your new porch, you will want to consider how it is going to affect your current roof and house structure. There are steps that need to be taken to ensure your porch is safe, solid, and allowed in your neighborhood. Below are three key items that should be considered before you begin your porch or patio addition.

1. Building Codes

Quite possibly the most important item for your research is to look at your local jurisdiction building codes. Every local jurisdiction has its own building codes that you must follow to ensure the home is safe. Failing to follow code can result in fines and have the structure removed. 

Each municipality has the authority to regulate the size, height, width, materials, building times, styles, and many other aspects of any structure. Check in with your local governing administration to see what they specifically need to ensure your build goes smoothly. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, you will want to notify them of your intentions as well as they may have their own regulations.

2. Roof Inspection

Your current roof needs to be structurally sound before you add a new porch or patio structure to it. Since the new porch will be attached to the roof, the roof will bear some of the weight and needs to be in good condition. We highly recommend having a professional roof inspection done and any repairs or maintenance complete prior to the addition. If your roof is currently missing tiles or shingles, has a leak, is rotting, needs patching, or a complete re-roof is needed, now is the time to do it. You can help prevent significant damage to your entire roofing structure and home by having a roof inspection.

3. Double Check The Floor

As you are beginning the build of your new porch or patio, and after you check local building codes, the next most important item is to double check the floor. A solid porch requires a level floor! Regardless of the material used for the floor – i.e. wood decking, pavers, concrete, or anything else – you want to double check that it is level before you start building on top of it. 

A floor that is not level can affect the integrity of your original roof, the patio structure, and in turn cause significant damage to your home. If you are unsure how to level the floor, have a contractor check it for you and take all necessary steps to level it. You will not regret the investment of double checking the floor.

If you are located in the East Valley and in need of a roofing specialist, contact Craven Construction today. Our team is available for all of your roofing needs, including professional roof inspection, repairs, and replacement. We also offer patio and porch construction if you are looking to hire a professional to complete your project. Contact our office to schedule your FREE estimate and stay cool this summer with a new patio or porch!

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