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Have you noticed your roof is looking a little weary in one area? Has a recent storm caused damage? If so, your roof may need to be repaired or completely replaced. Let’s face it though, when a roof suffers a bit of damage, replacing the entire roof is not exactly ideal. However, sometimes it is possible to repair just a section of the roof.

If you are wondering if you can just replace a section of the roof or the entire thing will need to be replaced, keep reading. We’re going to review a few times when a repair will suffice along with a few times when a complete re-roof may be necessary. 

The short answer is yes, you can repair just a section of a roof. 

Sometimes there is only minor damage that may look worse than it actually is. Your local roofing company will be able to examine it and offer you the best repair recommendation. Minor damage that can be repaired versus replacing the entire roof may include:

    • Leak – A leak is never something a homeowner wants to discover inside their home. They typically reveal themselves around a vent or flashing. You might notice water stains or pooling water inside the home. This may lead you to believe that the entire roof will need to be replaced. However, if the leak is localized to a specific area, your roof may just need a small repair. 
    • Missing Material – Whether a few shingles have gone missing or a tile has slipped, these can easily be repaired and the roof will remain structurally sound. Asking a roofer to examine your roof, they will be able to easily identify missing materials as a repair item or if there is a larger issue with the roof. 
    • UV or Heat Damage – Warped or buckled roofing materials could be a sign of UV or heat damage. Replacing the damaged materials should resolve the issue and allow the roof to continue to do its job. If the inside of the house is being affected by excessive heat, you may need to have the roof ventilation examined and reconsidered. This is still a repair that will not require an entire re-roof.

When Is A Complete Re-Roof Necessary? 

Sometimes what might look like minor damage to an untrained eye actually could be much more significant. Significant issues or when the damage has spread to more than a small area, you will want to have the roof completely replaced. Below are a few times when a complete re-roof may be necessary.

    • Hail Damage – Hail can cause significant damage to a roof without you ever knowing. The signs of hail damage can be minimal and subtle. To an untrained, non roofing expert, the roof may look OK after a hailstorm. In reality, hail can damage the roof deck or completely puncture the roof entirely. A complete re-roof may be required. 
    • Fallen Tree Limb – Heavy winds and rain can lead to tree limbs to fall on top of the roof. While you might think it isn’t that bad and you can simply remove the limb, it may have actually caused a lot more damage. Tree limbs can be heavy and cause damage to the unseen  parts of the roofing system, including the underlayment and roof deck. This would require a complete re-roof over a simple repair.

If you believe your roof has been damaged, it is best to have a professional roof examine it.

Doing so will reveal if a simple roof repair is enough while still being structurally sound. If the structural integrity of the roof or home will not remain, you might need to have the house completely re-roofed. 

Your roofer should offer a free estimate along with their professional opinion of what your roof needs. As one of the most important aspects of your house, you will want to make sure it is properly cared for! 

Craven Construction is your East Valley roofing professional! Whether you believe a little damage has been done and needs repaired or an entire re-roof is needed, our team is here for  you! We are available to assess your roof and provide you with a FREE estimate of any necessary repair or re-roofing needs. Call our office to schedule today!

Has Your Roof Suffered Damage?

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