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Replacing your roof is one of the greatest investments you can do for your home and your family. A new roof can offer protection from the elements, help with your energy efficiency, and add curb appeal to your home. As you prepare for your new roof to be installed, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the installation is completed as smoothly as possible. Here are our top items to prepare your home for a new roof.

Clear Your Driveway

Installing a new roof requires your roofing company to remove the old roof. In order to properly discard the waste, you will likely have a large dumpster placed in your driveway. There will also be several workers who will require a place to park their work vehicles. We recommend clearing your driveway as much as possible. This will include you planning to park elsewhere while work is being completed. In doing so, you will also decrease your chances of a stray nail or piece of material from being lodged in your tire.

Protect Your Valuables

Hammering and walking on your roof causes vibrations. These vibrations can sometimes be felt inside your home. We recommend removing valuables handing from your walls to prevent the vibrations from shaking them loose. This is also a good time to check your attic for any valuables. Removing them from your attic or covering them will protect them from being covered in  roofing dust or shingle materials.

Arrange for Playdates & Board Your Pets

Children and pets can be affected by the loud noises that come with a new roof installation or roofing repair. It is a good idea to arrange for your children and pets to stay elsewhere while your project is being completed. There also may be large equipment that could be dangerous and pose a threat during construction. Keeping children inside while the working crew is onsite will ensure safety.

Be A Good Neighbor

A new roof for you is exciting. For your neighbors, it may be an inconvenience. Be sure to check with your neighbors prior to scheduling your construction project. Making sure they do not have a gathering scheduled is important for logistics. You also want to make sure they know the hours the working crew will be onsite as noise may become a concern.

A new roof is a major home investment and working with a professional roofing company is important. Craven Construction is your East Valley roofing company and available to install a new roof or service your existing roof. We are prepared to walk you through the entire roofing process, including preparing your home for a new roof.

Is Your Home Ready for a New Roof?

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