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A roof is an important aspect of any home as they protect anything and everything inside. If you own a multi-family complex, such as a condo, apartment, or townhome structure, you are responsible for the protection of those who currently live in one of your units. 

Much like the roof of other buildings and homes, a multi-family complex roof will eventually need to be reroofed. Knowing the signs that the roof is in need of replacement is important as the building’s owner. While many building owners put off  a new roof because it can be difficult to coordinate schedules and is a large investment, there are also several benefits of updating the roof on your complex. We are reviewing common signs a new roof is needed and the benefits of doing so to help you be an effective property manager.

Signs It Is Time To Re-Roof Your Multi-Family Complex

1- The Current Roof Is Old – Many roofing materials can last for decades, but all roofs also have a lifespan. Without a doubt, the older the roof is, the closer it likely is to the end of its lifespan. A clear sign that it is time to reroof your multi-family complex is its age. 

A roof that has been meticulously maintained and properly repaired when needed, can outlive itself, but will eventually need to be replaced. On the flipside, a roof that has not been properly cared for may need to be restored sooner than later. 

Older roofs can show signs of their age including missing materials, warping, it leaks every time it rains, or requires frequent repairs. These are common signs your roof is coming to the end of its lifespan and in need of replacement. Contact a professional roofer to perform an inspection and provide you with the best option for your multi-family complex. 

2- Frequent Repairs – A very clear indicator that it may be time to replace the roof on your multi-family complex is when repairs are frequently needed. Repair bills can add up quickly and before you are really aware, you can end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs. 

Reviewing roof maintenance and repair records annually can help you identify if it is time for a new roof.  Compare the amount you are spending on repairs, including the cost to replace damaged items inside the complex, to the amount it might cost for a new roof. As the expenses add up, it may become financially responsible to completely reroof your multi-family complex.

3- Deterioration – Some roofs may deteriorate quicker than others, even if they are not that old. Deterioration is typically expedited by the weather and the elements that are thrown at a roof. In Arizona, we experience excessive heat and monsoon season that comes with heavy rains and extreme wind. All of this can contribute to a shortened lifespan of a roof. 

If your roof is showing signs of deterioration, be sure to contact your trusted roofer for a proper inspection. You may have the choice to only re-do a specific section of the roof as well. A second opinion by a different roofer may also be necessary if you are concerned your roof was not installed properly the first time. 

Benefits Of Re-Roofing Your Multi-Family Complex

1- Update The Appearance – A new roof on a multi-family complex can make a remarkable difference in the appearance. Refreshing the look and creating a more upscale appearance can easily be done by installing a new roof. Older buildings that look run-down can be difficult to attract new residents. Adding a new roof to update the appearance can also have a financial return if you take it into account when renting the space. 

2- Opportunity To Update The Property – While you are planning to install a new roof, you may have the opportunity to make additional updates to the property. These updates can include painting or residing, paving parking lots, upgrading landscaping, or other new features. 

A great opportunity to update your property is if you are planning on adding more buildings to your community. Coordinating materials between buildings create an aesthetically pleasing look and can attract new residents. Remember, it is easier for a roofer to complete renovations on all of the roofs at once than to come out several times. It may also save you a few dollars in the end.

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