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An essential part of every roofing system is the roof decking, however not many homeowners understand its importance or even what it is. The best thing a homeowner can do to protect their home is to educate themselves on the important aspects of their house. Understanding the importance of the various parts of the roofing system can help you identify problems when they arise. 

Since the roof deck is a vital piece of the roof system, you will want to know what it is, the purpose it serves, and how you can identify issues with it. 

What is roof decking? 

Your roofing system is made up of many pieces and layers. Trusses and joists create the support framework for the roofing system. The roof decking is the flat surface, typically made of plywood, that fills the space between the trusses and joists. This plywood is the foundation of the roof system and provides a layer for the shingles and underlayment to attach to. Roof decking also adds an extra layer of protection for your home from the elements.

Moisture & Plywood Do Not Mix 

The plywood roof decking is susceptible to significant damage when moisture hits it. Water has the ability to penetrate the roof deck from the outside or inside. Your roofing material and underlayment are designed to protect the roof deck, but when they are damaged or missing, the roof deck can be compromised. 

Moisture inside your attic can also cause issues with your decking. Warm temperatures in your attic can cause moisture buildup on the underside of the roof. Furthermore, mold and mildew can grow from the warm temperatures and moisture. 

No matter if you have moisture penetrating from the outside or inside, it can cause significant issues with your roofing system. Rotting plywood can fail as it can no longer support the weight of the roof causing significant damage to the home.

Identifying Issues With The Roof Deck

Two of the most common signs there is an issue with the roof deck is either wood rot or flexing. Wood rot is typically classified as dry or wet wood rot. Dry rot will crack the wood, make it look dry, and will have a fungus growth around it. Alternatively, wet rot will make the wood look like a different color, especially darker than the rest of the roof and give the wood a spongy feel and musty smell. 

Flexing is when the roof deck bends when it is walked on and easily identified. If you are not comfortable or experienced walking on your roof, contact your local roofer. They will be able to safely identify a problem with your roof deck and offer you the best solution to repair it.

Educate Yourself

As a homeowner, educating yourself could help you identify a problem before it becomes a much larger issue with your roof. One piece of your roof you should be familiar with is the roof deck. This essential component not only provides a surface to attach other roof materials to, but also adds a significant layer of protection to your home. A large threat to the roof decking can be moisture, especially when left untouched. However, knowing how to identify the problems caused by excess water can end up saving you and your home. 

Has your roof deck been damaged? Do you believe it needs replaced? Contact Craven Construction today! Our team is available to assess your entire roofing system and provide you with the best option to repair or replace your roof deck. We are experienced with roofs of all sizes and are licensed & insured for your added peace of mind. Call our office today to schedule your FREE estimate! 

Do you believe your roof deck has damage?

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