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If you are considering a new roof for your home or business in 2022, now is the time to start your research and planning. One thing many people consider when they are discussing a new roof is the latest trends. While trends come and go, there are some that will be around as long as your new roof. 

Moving into the new year, many trends focus on sustainability and functionality. 

A roof that not only protects your home, office space, and those inside, but also is good for the environment is on the rise. We are reviewing some of the top roofing trends you should pay attention to if a new roof is in your new year plans. 

Metal Roofs

While metal has been a popular choice for roofing material in the past few years, it is gaining even more traction in 2022. It became popular because a metal roof can give any home a modern vibe. While this is still true this year, more home and business owners are aware of the sustainability metal provides. 

Metal is even more popular this year because of its environmental impact. The metal used for roofing material can last upwards of 50+ years in Arizona with professional care and maintenance. Additionally, when it comes time to replace a metal roof, 100% of the material can be recycled versus ending up in a landfill. Lastly, metal roofs are on trend again this year because of their energy efficiency. By installing a metal roof, you can reduce your cooling costs up to 25% during the hottest months! This is a huge savings to your wallet and the environment. 

Solar Panels & Cool Roofs

These two materials can help put a few more dollars in your pocket along with helping the environment. Both are trends that home and business owners are behind in 2022. 

Solar panels installed on a roof can help provide ample amounts of energy for a home or business while taking essential pressure off of the power grid. This helps reduce carbon emissions into the environment and builds a home that is energy efficient. In an area that often sees over 300 days with sunshine, solar panels can certainly help you save on energy and become more eco-friendly. 

Cool roofs are made of materials that reflect energy. Similar to you wearing a light colored shirt on a hot, sunny day, a cool roof is typically coated in a lightly colored coating. This coating helps the roof reflect energy, or radiant heat, which in turn helps reduce the amount of energy needed to cool a home. If you install a cool roof on your home or business, you will likely see savings in monthly bills along with not as much wear and tear on your heating & cooling systems.

Clean Rooflines

On the architectural side of roofing trends, this year there are more home and business owners shifting to clean, modern, and subtle rooflines. Gone are the large roofs with lots of gables, dormers, and varying pitches. Today, you are going to start seeing more and more clean and simple rooflines. This includes flat roofs that allow for easy solar panel installation or even full green roofs.

Less square footage of the roof allows for less material to be used to complete a sophisticated, modern design. If you are seeking a new roof in 2022, consider going with one that is a little less complex, offers savings in material, and provides an opportunity for solar panels to be installed.

Sustainability & Functionality

Creating a better future by utilizing eco-friendly materials and reducing the impact on the environment are certainly on trend for roofs in 2022. Metal is yet again a extremely popular roofing material choice not only because of its great looks, but also because of its recycle options and long lifespan. If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, consider installing some solar panels or a cool roof. Lastly, clean rooflines are gaining a lot of traction this  year for their cost savings and diverse usability. 

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