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One of the most important layers of a roof is the underlayment. Installed on the roof deck, the underlayment adds an extra layer of waterproofing to protect your home. Craven Construction uses Boral products while installing or repairing your roof. Today we are going to compare two popular options of underlayment: Boral® Ply 40 and Boral® MetalSeal HT.

Boral® Ply 40

An SBS modified asphalt fiberglass reinforced underlayment designed for installation under tile, shingle, or a shake roof. The SBS modified asphalt minimizes wrinkling and buckling typically associated with non-modified membranes.This underlayment offers durable protection for all seasons, including up to 3 months exposed to UV rays. If you are looking for a lower cost underlayment with great performance, we recommend Boral® Ply 40 underlayment.

Boral® MetalSeal HT

A great high temperature roofing underlayment option for Arizona home. This premium self-adhered underlayment has been designed for metal roofing, but is also suitable for any roofing material in any climate. One of the greatest advantages of the MetalSeal HT underlayment is its superior slip resistance created by its high strength woven polyester surface. The waterproofing material also offers up to 6 months UV resistance when exposed. If you are seeking a long-lasting and highly effective underlayment, consider the Boral® MetalSeal HT.

If you are considering a new roof installation or your current roofing system is in need of repair, recognize the underlayment as an important aspect of your roof. Craven Construction is available for all of your East Valley, Arizona roofing needs. Contact our office today to schedule your free estimate.

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