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Arizona is not known for its consistent rainfall, but it does experience monsoon season throughout the summer months. Monsoon season accounts for a large portion of the annual rainfall. The monsoon systems that hit Arizona can cause excessive damage to your roof. Craven Construction wants to educate on the signs of rain damage so you know what to look for when the storms dissipate.

5 Signs of Rain Damage to Your AZ Roof

1. Ceiling Water Spots

Water spots on the ceiling or walls are the most common sign of rain water damage. Leaks can often happen and cause water to pool or consistently drip into the same spot. This is what causes the water spots. Your roof could very likely have a leak if these water spots show either during or after the rain stops. Due to the increased safety concern with walking on your roof, a professional should complete an inspection.

2. Cracked Shingles

Over time, as your shingles are exposed to the natural elements they can start to crack. This can include excessive heat, water, and wind that we often see in Arizona. These elements can cause your shingles to loose their granules, which further promotes cracking. As rain comes down, these damaged shingles allow your roofing system to be exposed to leaks. We recommend annual shingle inspection to prevent this type of leak. 

3. Granules in the Gutters

After heavy rain, it is advised that you check your gutters. Things to look for in regards to your roof are pieces of your shingles, called granules. If there are several granules in your gutters, this is a good sign you have sustained roof damage from a recent storm. Be sure to clean your gutters and perform necessary repairs to the roof to protect your home from future rain damage.

4. Musty Smell

An area in your home that starts smelling musty is another indication you may have water damage caused by rain. The smell can be caused by rain water seeping into an area of your home that may not be visible. As this water sits there and soaks in, it likely will grow into mold. If you notice an unusual smell coming from an area, we recommend having a professional inspection completed. You might not only have a leak, but also interior damage to your home.

5. Debris On Your Roof

Immediately after a storm, we recommend performing an inspection of your home. You can easily examine the roof from the ground. Should you find debris has made its way to your roof after a storm, you will want to retreive it immediately. Large pieces of debris can hide damage, therefore, safely removing the debris before additional damage can be made is important.

Taking care of your roof after a rainstorm is important to protect your home, your family, and yourself. Though the impact of the rain damage may be minute, if ignored, it can grow and have a much different outcome. If you believe you have experienced rain damage, call Craven Construction immediately to assess the destruction and provide you with a free repair estimate.

Is your roofing showing signs of rain damage?

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