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When it comes to your roof, there are areas that you might not always think to examine during a routine inspection. One of those areas is the fascia, or the parallel edge that is connected to the ends of your rafters or trusses. It is common for your gutters to be attached to the fascia and its job is to protect the edge of the roof from the outdoors. 

As the fascia can easily be damaged because of its vulnerable location, it should also be examined on a regular basis. We have developed this list of signs of rotting fascia for your reference.

Common Signs of Rotting Fascia

Peeling Paint – A general and common sign of rotting fascia board, flaking or peeling paint is obvious physical evidence you have rotten wood. 

Stains or Streaks – If you notice stains or streaks along your fascia or gutters, this is another common sign of rotting to the wood below. We recommend checking the wood, if you can do so safely. 

Sagging Gutter – As the fascia is a common area for gutters to be installed, another physical sign of rotting is a sag in your gutter. Nails can become loose and cause your gutters to fall from the roof. 

Soft Patches – During an inspection of your fascia, soft patches in the wood is a key sign of rotting. This could lead to additional holes forming and further damage.

Typically, by the time you see these signs of rotting fascia, the material has already begun decaying. If this damage goes ignored, your roofing structure can become compromised as well. We highly recommend you consult a professional and allow them to perform an inspection of your roof. 

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Is your fascia showing signs of decay?

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