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Springtime is upon us and the days are getting longer while the sun is shining warmer. Spring also brings a lengthy to-do list to ensure your home is prepared for the year to come. While most homeowners are scrubbing their walls and clearing their garage, it is important to ensure your roof is clean too. We’ve put together key areas for you to clear and inspect so that your roof is prepared to protect your home for another year.

Check For Debris

It is common for your roof to collect debris over time. Throughout the year, tree limbs, leaves, and other debris fall onto your roof and can sometimes puncture shingles or break tiles. As the debris piles up, it can also collect moisture and cause additional damage to your roof. Removing the debris will not only help prevent water damage, but also allow you to safely inspect your shingles or tiles for damage. 

Perform A Physical Inspection

While debris is one form of harm to your roof, there can also be damage without debris. Hail, heavy rain, and many other objects or weather can cause additional damage to your roof. This is why it is important to perform a physical inspection of your roof during the springtime. You can simply stand in your yard and search for any damaged tiles or shingles. Another option, if you can safely do so, use a ladder to get a closer look at the roof. 

Clear Your Gutters

When gutters are filled with leaves, small sticks, and other yard clippings, they have the ability to clog and not let rain water filter from your roof. If the water cannot escape your roof, it may puddle and cause significant water damage. Safely clearing your gutters before the summer will ensure the function properly when the rain hits. 

Trim Tree Limbs

Trees offer excellent protection from the sun’s rays and provide a great escape during the hottest time of the year. They can also offer danger if they are not properly cared for. Trimming tree limbs can prevent the limbs from falling on your home and damaging your roof. 

Professional Roofing Inspection

If you are concerned about your roof and think it may be compromised, you should consider hiring a professional roofer to inspect your roof. A roofer will know exactly what to look for and will have the tools to perform an inspection safely. Catching a problem before it grows into a much larger issue is key when it comes to your roof. Annual inspections will help keep your roof healthy and extend its life. 

Craven Construction is available to inspect your roof this spring. Do you think it has been damaged by hail or limbs? Are you concerned you cannot safely inspect your roof yourself? Call our office to schedule a professional roofing inspection. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best roofing services in the East Valley. 

If your roof has been damaged or it is in need of replacement, we are here for you! We bring over 16 years experience to every job and are professionally trained to install your next roof. Craven Construction works on all types of residential roofs and all types of materials. 

Be sure to add your roof to your springtime to-do list and stay safe for another year!

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