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Spring is starting to show itself here in Arizona. Temperatures are slowly starting to rise, rain has been coming, and it is time to start preparing your home for summer. One key piece of a house to pay attention to is the entire roofing system. 

Spring is a great time to complete roofing maintenance. 

Arizona homeowners should pay extra attention to their roof in the spring to ensure it does not get damaged during the summer. We’ve put together these top tips for roofing maintenance to help you make sure your roof is well cared for and in good condition for spring.

Why is roofing maintenance now important for summer? 

Before we dive into our maintenance tips, it is essential to discuss why spring roofing maintenance is so important. As you know, Arizona gets extremely hot and dry in the summertime and then we roll right into monsoon season late in the season. The heat and monsoons can have damaging effects on your roof if it has not been maintained or prepared. By examining and maintaining your roof now, in the spring, you are going to set your home up for success come summer.

Complete a Physical Exam

No matter what type of roofing material you have on your home, you should first complete a physical exam of the roof. Be sure to examine the fascia, soffit boards, gutters, flashing, ventilation, and of course, the actual covering material. If you notice anything that has been damaged, is missing, starting to rust, broken, or scratched, you will want to call your local roofer immediately. They will be able to review the roof and provide you with an estimate to complete any necessary repairs.

Clean the Roof & Gutters

Most homeowners perform a “spring cleaning” inside the home. The time of year when they might wash the walls and baseboards, move furniture to clean carpets, or really get down and dirty to make sure the house is cleaned from top to bottom. Your roof and gutters should be included on your spring cleaning list. 

Over time, dirt and debris leave stains or marks on top of a roof. To clean them off, you can use a light-pressure power washer with a little bit of mild soap. Be sure to look for any mildew growth and remove it while cleaning. Rinse the roof thoroughly to ensure there is no soap residue left to cause damage. 

Also, be sure to clean out your gutters in the spring to help maintain your roof. If a gutter is full of dirt, debris, small branches, or anything else, water will not be able to escape the roof. When the water starts to back up into the roofing system, major leaks can form and significant damage can be done. After removing the large debris by hand, use a hose to flush any other particles that may be inside the gutter.

Look Inside

While completing the spring maintenance on your Arizona roof, be sure to look inside the house. Look inside the crawl space or attic for any signs of damage or a leak. Things you might look for are light shining through, water damage, mold or mildew growth, and signs of animal intrusion. If you notice anything, be sure to call your local roofer. They will be able to examine the entire roofing system, pinpoint the problem, and provide you with a quote to make any repairs.

Have A Professional Examination Completed

Hiring a professional roofing company to complete a full examination of the roof is a great idea for the spring. They will be able to safely look at the entire roofing system and identify any areas of concern. Once the examination is complete, they may be able to complete minor repairs or offer an estimate for any work that is needed. Taking their recommendations into consideration is essential to ensure your roof will withstand what Mother Nature throws at it during the summer months. 

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