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Arizona experiences nearly 300 days of sunshine a year and temperatures often exceed 100 degrees. Many residents relocate to this state because they love the amount of sun and lack of rain or brutally cold winters. There is no denying that the amount of sunshine Arizona sees is quite enjoyable! 

While you may enjoy the high temperatures and sun, your roof has a different opinion. 

Your home, including the roof, works increasingly hard to protect you and your family from the elements. The combination of excessively high temperatures and constant exposure to UV rays can really take a toll on your home’s roof. Today we are discussing how the changing temperatures and UV rays affect your Arizona roof.

Potential Damage

The more your roof is exposed to the UV rays and sunshine, the more it is susceptible to damage, especially if it is not properly maintained. Below are a few common roofing damages we have seen that are caused by the sun. 

Cracking – High heat can easily dry out roofing materials and cause them to become weak, brittle, or inflexible. When strong winds and rain come, the materials are likely to crack and break. If you notice your shingles or tiles have cracks in them, you may consider replacing them sooner than later. 

Leaks – When roofing materials are cracking, more than likely a leak will form. Water can and will easily find its way through the cracks and deeper into your roofing system. Again, when left untouched, further damage will occur and you will have a much larger issue on your hands. 

Decay – With age, your roofing materials will naturally begin to break down. The more your roof is exposed to UV rays, the quicker it will decay. If you have a shingle roof, you may notice the shingles start to warp or curl. This is a sign you should have a professional roofer take a look. 

Thermal Shock – Arizona’s desert climate sees extremely hot temperatures during the day and then it cools down at night. Naturally, your roof will expand and contract and it is designed to do so. As time goes on and your roof experiences this expanding and contracting over and over, it can weaken the materials. Ask your local roofer to check out your roof if temperatures have been extremely hot and cold.

Help Prevent Damages

To keep your roof healthy and possibly prevent these damages from happening, there are a few things a homeowner can do or install. Below we discuss three items that can help your roof stay cool throughout the hot summer. 

Material Choice – There is no surprise that most homes in Arizona have a tile roof and this is not by mistake. Not only does tile blend well with our desert landscape, but a tile roof is designed for extremely hot temperatures. The tiles themselves are manufactured to be very dense, which gives them the ability to absorb and store the heat from the UV rays, keeping the house cooler. 

Attic Ventilation – One of the most important pieces of a roofing system is the attic ventilation. A roof that does not have proper attic ventilation will certainly be prone to damages. During the roof installation, your roofer should install vents to allow the warm air in your home to escape. If you are concerned about the heat in your attic, have a local roofer take a look. Proper ventilation can be installed at any time. 

Other Material Installation – Your roofing system is made up of several parts that work together to keep your house protected from the elements all year long. Other materials you will want to pay attention to during the summer months include your gutters, fascia, flashing, and the soffit. Keeping these parts in working order will help your roof work as it should. 

When discussing roofing materials with your local roofer, be sure to discuss the quality of the material and do your own research. A low quality part could cause damage to the entire roof and require a complete re-roof.

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