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Making sure your attic is properly ventilated is a critically important part of extending the life of your roof. We want to make sure you understand what happens when your roof is not properly ventilated, the benefits of attic ventilation, and how to add ventilation to your attic.

What happens when your attic is not ventilated? 

As temperatures outside rise and cool, so does the temperature in your attic. In times of cooler temperatures, ice dams have a high probability of forming and causing damage to your roof if the heat inside does not have a place to escape. During the warmer months, ventilation is important to ensure your attic does not get too warm. Attics without ventilation have no escape route for the heat. As this heat builds up, your shingles will begin to damage from the inside out.

What are the benefits of attic ventilation? 

  1. Extend Your Roof’s Life – As explained above, severe damage can take place when your roof is not properly ventilated. Be sure your attic has proper ventilation to not cause damage from the inside out. 
  2. Reduce Energy Costs – Having ventilation in your attic allows the heat to escape. When your air conditioner is running in the hot summer months, it will not need to run as much to cool down your attic too. This results in a lower electric bill. 
  3. Reduce Indoor Temperatures – A properly vented attic allows excess heat to escape and air to flow through the entire house. If you notice a change in temperature as you walk up stairs or from room to room, you may want to check your attic ventilation.

Can attic ventilation be added? 

YES! Attic ventilation can be added to your roof. If you are unsure on how to do so, please contact a professional as this can be a dangerous task. 

If you are seeking an experienced roofer to add ventilation to your existing roof, contact Craven Construction today! We offer honest estimates, reliable service, and quick turnaround times.

Does your attic need ventilated?

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