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The probability for roof damage after a storm is not always immediately present, but highly likely. To help you properly take care of your roof after a storm, these are top roofing mistakes to avoid after a storm.

  1. Assuming there is no damage – Not all roof damage is immediately visible to an untrained eye. For example, excessive wind can break the seal on shingles without lifting the entire shingle off. Leaving this seal broken can lead to additional damage. We recommend scheduling a professional inspection after large storms. A roofing professional will also know all the key areas to check for damage, including the mostly missed underside. 
  2. Repairing the roof yourself – Doing roof repairs can be quite complex and difficult to judge the severity of the damage for an untrained professional. Completing roof repairs yourself can also be unsafe and not as effective as a professional roofing company. 
  3. Hiring before you call you insurance agency – Having insurance that covers your roof is an important investment. After a storm, it is important to not do anything that could possibly jeopardize your insurance coverage. Calling your agency before you contact a roofing company will not only ensure proper procedure is followed, but it will provide clarity on what is covered so you can properly budget for the repairs. 
  4. Putting off repairs – Almost nothing gets better with age, including a damaged roof. If you roofers have placed a tarp over your damaged roof, please note that the tarp is not a long term solution. This is done to prevent additional damage to your roof  until repairs can be made and it is important for you to schedule those repairs as soon as possible. 

These are the top roofing mistakes to avoid after a storm. If you think you may have storm damage to your roof or would like more information regarding roofing repair, contact Craven Construction. 

Does your roof have storm damage?

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