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If you own or manage a commercial property, you understand the roof is incredibly important. It provides the tenants, staff, and visitors protection from the elements along with safety and security. Caring for the roof on your commercial property includes regular maintenance, repair, and replacement when the time comes from a professional roofer. 

Selecting a commercial roofer to complete any work on your roof can be quite challenging. As a property owner or manager, it can be difficult to know what to ask or where to look to hire a commercial roofing company. Below are several tips and things to think about to support you through the process of selecting a professional roofer.

What Are Their Credentials? 

  • The most important item when hiring a commercial roofer is make sure they are licensed and insured. Hiring a professional that is not, can end up costing you significantly if something goes wrong during or after work is complete. A licensed contractor will also be professionally trained to complete repairs, maintenance, and installation of a new roof. You can also look a contractor up on your state’s Registrar of Contractors.
  • Some roofing contractors will also post their awards and achievements on their website. These may be local community based awards or specific sales achievements from manufacturers. These accolades can tell a lot about a company and should be taken into consideration when choosing a commercial roofer.

Ask for Reviews & Referrals

  • Third party websites are a great source to look for reviews. Sites such as Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, and social media can be a good place to look for honest reviews from real customers. While you are looking at reviews, notice how the roofing company responds. Even a low start review can be turned around based on how a response and action from the company. 
  • Depending on the scope of work your commercial roof requires, you may want to ask the company for referrals. These referrals can offer insight into what it is like working with the roofing contractor and provide what their experience was. 
  • Asking friends or family members for referrals can also be a great source when seeking a professional roofer. Even if your friends or family do not have experience with commercial property work, they may have had a great experience with a local roofer. Most roofing companies manage both residential and commercial work.

Questions To Ask

  • How long will the work take? Will business or tenants be disturbed during this time?
  • Do you offer a written estimate?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for work to begin? 
  • Will you remove my old roof? Do you provide a container for debris? 
  • What brand of materials do you use? Is a warranty included with my roof? 

While this is not an all inclusive list of questions you might ask, it is a great start of recommendations to help determine if your contractor can help with your needs. A roofer should be able to provide answers to all of your questions. If they cannot, you might want to ask a few other contractors for an estimate.

Commercial Roofing Experts

Professionally caring for your commercial property can be equally challenging as it is rewarding and finding a qualified contractor does not need to be stressful. Looking for their credentials and asking for referrals can offer great insight into what it is like to work with them. Also looking at third party websites can give great insight with unsolicited reviews. When a roofer comes to look at your roof, be sure to have your questions prepared and don’t be shy to ask them. 

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