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While your roof is designed and built to withstand all of nature’s elements, constant sun can provide a unique effect on your roof. We want you to understand sun damage and the effects it does to your roof.

Understanding the Sun’s Affect 

Two key components of sunlight that can affect your roofing materials are the heat and ultraviolet rays. Summer days in Arizona can be extremely hot and the nights can be very cool after the sun sets. Temperature fluctuation causes your roofing materials to expand and contract, which leads to structural damage over time. High temperatures, over time, can also break down your roofing material, making it more susceptible to leaks at a later time. Ultraviolet (UV) rays, produced by the sun, are an incredible threat to your roof. UV rays have been known to dry out roofing materials, resulting in warped or cracked materials. These harmful rays also break down the chemicals and materials of your roof.

Signs of Sun Damage

Each type of roof has its own set of signs that it has sun damage. Knowing the signs for your specific roofing material is important and can be obtained from your professional roofing contractor. For example, shingles often show signs of cracking or curling on the ends when they are sun damaged and metal roofs can have warped or areas of shrinkage. Discoloration is also a key sign of sun damage. A routine visual examination of your roof is recommended and can be completed with a simple pair of binoculars. Carefully scanning your roof’s surface and taking note of any abnormalities can help you identify sun damage and schedule the repair before a storm comes through and compounds the damage.

Sun Damage Prevention 

An offensive approach to managing the effect of the sun’s rays can help you prevent damage altogether. Investing in a roof coating can improve the functionality of your roof and the efficiency of your home. Similar to sunscreen for your body, a roof coating acts as a buffer between the sun’s harmful rays and your roof. Quality roof coatings, much like the ones we use at Craven Construction, have a high emittance rating and are highly reflective. This is to make sure your roof does not store the heat created by infrared rays and these rays are returned to the atmosphere before they come in contact with your roofing materials. Think you have sun damage to your roof? Contact Craven Construction today to schedule your free estimate.

Does your roof have sun damage?

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