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Monsoon season is upon us in Arizona! While the rain is always welcome, it can also bring harm to your home and especially your roof. A monsoon can cause extensive destruction in a short period of time and regardless of the damage, it tends to result in a leak. A leaking roof that is left untouched after a storm can have severe consequences. 

Letting a leak go and not repairing it in a timely fashion can be even worse during monsoon season. As excessive rain falls from the sky, it can cause even more destruction to an already damaged roof. Additional damage will also add cost to the repairs.

What can happen if you leave a leaking roof untouched? 

  1. Mold Growth – Mold loves a warm, moist area to grow and a leaking roof provides a convenient space that favors its growth. With the ability to spread quickly, mold can be even more dangerous for your health. Not only will the leaking roof leak you with a large repair bill, it may also result in a trip to the doctor. 
  2. Structural Damage – A leak in your roof may not appear to be causing much harm to your home, but as the leak progressively gets worse, so do its results. While the leak may appear to only appear as a small patch on your ceiling, it could be more extensive and have seeped into the structural supports of your home. The longer a leak is left untouched, the more damage it can cause, including massive structural damage. 
  3. Compromised Roof – A few missing tiles or shingles may not appear to be harmful, but they can aid in the growth of a roof leak. The longer the underlayment of your roof is exposed to the Arizona elements, you will likely be harming the entire roofing system. If the roof is compromised, a complete tear off and replacement will be needed. 
  4. Increased Utility Bills – The insulation within walls and attic of your home serve an important purpose and help the efficiency of the home’s systems. A leaking roof can compromise the insulation and not allow it to effectively do its job. Cool air will escape and heat will be brought in, resulting in increased utility bills.

Temporary Roofing Options

Monsoon season makes it difficult to perform roof inspections and repairs. A professionally trained roofer will not inspect a roof while it is raining because of the risk of injury. There are a few things you can do to prevent additional damage to your roof while you are waiting on a roofer. Please note, these are temporary fixes and should not be relied on to completely repair the leak. 

  • Fasten a tarp as a temporary, emergency fix. 
  • Make a temporary patch with a piece of plywood. 
  • If you have extra shingles available, secure a few to cover the exposed roofing elements.

Roofing repairs can be expensive, but they are even more expensive when left untouched. Being prepared for a roof leak could save your wallet in the end. Have an extra tarp on hand and the phone number of a roofer you trust available should the monsoon cause your roof to leak.

Professional Repairs

Craven Construction provides quality roof repairs to the entire East Valley. If you are concerned your roof will not withstand the heavy rainfall of a monsoon, contact us today! We are offering Monsoon Season Maintenance along with our standard roofing repair services. 

Does Your Roof Have Monsoon Damage?

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