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Arizona can experience an extreme range of weather and temperature including rain, snow, wind, and of course, heat. Your home, including your roof, works very hard to provide you and your family protection from these elements. Understanding the Arizona climate and the effects it has on your roof is crucial.

Arizona’s Altitude

Altitude plays a large factor in determining climate and Arizona offers a wide spectrum. We have landscapes that range from high mountains to low flat lands. Each offering their own altitude results and weather related experiences. 

Arizona’s higher altitudes offers plenty of precipitation and extreme temperature differences. This includes a lot of freezing and thawing, heavy snowfall and rain. Lower altitudes offer less precipitation, but higher temperatures and winds. 

Roof Style & Material

The altitude of your home plays a large determining factor in the style of roof you likely have over your head. If you are located in the mountains, a pitched or peaked roof is better suited for your home to accommodate for the heavy snow and rain. On the opposite end of the spectrum, homes in desert communities often feature low flat roofs to accommodate for little rain, but high winds. 

Different roofing materials are also used in different climates. Shingles and composite tiles are the two most common materials used in mountainous regions. These two roofing materials are good for discouraging snow accumulation and creating a barrier to retain heat in your home. Desert homes need a much different style roof with different materials. Most homes in this climate have either clay or concrete tiles to help with the hot days and cooler nights. The smooth surface of the tiles also helps in preventing dust and sand build up. 

Knowing your altitude and climate is important to keeping your roof healthy. Having a knowledgeable roofer available to check for damage after a storm is even more important. Craven Construction is well experienced with Arizona’s climate and the effects it has on a roof. Contact us today for more information about the right roofing material for your home or to discuss your repair needs.

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