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Arizona is well known for its warm temperatures and hot summer sunshine. In fact, this summer has produced record breaking numbers with 35 days over 110 degrees! The sun’s ultraviolet rays that come with these intense temperatures can be harmful to you and your home. As the roof of your home is highly exposed to the elements, it can sustain some damage during these more than hot times. 

High temperatures and constant sun can cause serious damage to your home. Take a look at a few types of damage your roof can endure, especially this summer. There are several signs you can look for if you suspect your roof has sun damage. We’ll cover these as well.

1 – Thermal Shock

The extreme heat of Arizona can cause your roofing material to quickly expand and contract. Over time, the excessive and rapid movement weakens the materials and structure that makes up your roof. You can think of thermal shock in terms of a drinking glass. As soon as this glass comes out of the dishwasher, it may be really warm and putting cool liquid inside, it may cause the glass to break. 

While you cannot completely prevent thermal shock, you can apply a reflective coating to reduce UV absorption on some roofing materials. Regular maintenance and professional inspection can also help detect thermal shock and provide necessary repairs. 

Every type of material has its own signs of thermal shock. If your home has a metal roof, look for missing or stripped fasteners. Careful inspection of the horizontal to vertical transitions can also show signs of thermal shock and not be as sealed from water penetration. Asphalt shingle roofs can lose granules or develop cracks and blisters if it has experienced thermal shock. By design, tile roofs are less susceptible to thermal shock. Proper installation and routine examination can help ensure a tile roof does not undergo thermal shock.

2 – Decay

Aging roofs combined with extensive exposure to direct sunlight can cause the roof to decay. Naturally, roofing materials will deteriorate over time and the sunshine can speed this process up. UV rays can cause the roofing materials to weaken, crack, and dissipate. When this happens, the structure of your roof can be compromised and significant damage can happen. 

Asphalt roofs will show signs of peeling, buckling, or eroding shingles leaving the surface below vulnerable to damage. Metal roofs are a little more difficult to spot signs of decay as the underside is where the corrosion typically occurs. This can happen if water gets under the metal panels and doesn’t escape. Similarly, tile roofs are difficult to spot signs of decay. The materials underneath the tiles are more likely to show signs of corrosion, especially if any tiles are missing allowing water inside.

3 – Leaking

Roofing materials can quickly dry out with the excessive summer sunshine. Materials can become brittle and inflexible causing the roof to not hold up during high winds and rain storms. When faced with any force, the roofing structure is likely to crack and cause leaks. Not only will these cracks leave the home prone to water damage, but your air conditioning can also escape. 

If you notice dried out tiles or shingles, you will want to replace them as quickly as possible to prevent leaks from developing. Missing or cracked materials will also need to be repaired to ensure additional damage does not happen. Ultimately, the quicker you discover any sun damaged or missing materials, the less likely a leak will form. Professional inspection and routine maintenance is the best way to help prevent leaks from forming.

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