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Craven Construction is the area’s most trusted tile roof replacement company! Our team is highly skilled and professionally trained to install your new tile roof. If your tile roof needs more and more repairs every year, is starting to break down, or is in need of replacement, we are here for you! 

If your tile roof is in need of replacement, call our office to schedule a free estimate today 480-845-1833! 

Quality Tile Roof Installation

We offer a premium selection of concrete & clay tiles from Westlake and Eagle. Their quality products paired with a 40 lb. underlayment ensures your tile roof will last and your home stays protected for many years to come. Quality and professional installation is essential for a tile roof and our team is among the best in the area. If you are concerned about your tile roof or have questions about what we offer, contact our office.

Our tile roofing experts are available to assess your home and provide you with an honest FREE estimate. You can expect competitive pricing, quality installation, and customer satisfaction when choosing Craven Construction.

Asphalt vs. Synthetic Underlayment

Last week we dove into roof underlayment as it is an important piece of any tile roof. This week, we want to dive deeper into the differences between asphalt and synthetic underlayment. A quality underlayment should be water-resistant and act as a second life of...

Tile Roof Underlayment Explained

Arizona sees over 300 days of sunshine every year. With the sunshine comes temperatures over 100 degrees, excessive heat, and a significant amount of UV rays that are absorbed. While several types of roofing materials are used throughout the East Valley, the most...

News Flash: Your Tile Roof Will Not Last Forever

If you have lived in Arizona for some time, you have likely heard that “tile roofs last forever”. This is a big selling point that many roofing contractors, or even general contractors that build tract homes, use when it comes to tile roofs. The expected lifespan is...

Navigating Arizona’s Sun: Best Roofing Material for Extreme Heat

Arizona gets HOT and that heat can take a toll on the roof of your house. Ensuring the house has the best roofing material to handle the heat and effects of extreme sunshine is essential. Living in a state that experiences over 300 days of sunshine a year, you want to...

How To Prepare Your Tile Roof For Monsoon Season

If you have lived in Arizona for any amount of time, you know monsoon season should not be taken lightly! A monsoon can pop up out of nowhere, bringing with it significant rain, heavy winds, and sometimes hail. Monsoons can be expected any time from June 1 through...

10 Advantages Of A Tile Roof For An Arizona Home

Tile roofs have been around for thousands of years and with good reason! As one of the most beautiful and popular roofing options for Arizona homeowners, tile roofs offer incredible protection and style. These are not the only advantages of having a new tile roof...

Metal vs. Tile: What is Best For My Roof?

Comparing roofing materials when preparing for a new roof installation is an essential piece of the process. Many homeowners do not consider different materials when re-roofing their homes or, if they are building a new home, fully understand their choices. Regardless...

Replace The Entire Tile Roof or Underlayment

A tile roof is designed to last upwards of 50 years - this is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. Tile roofs add great aesthetics to any home, they can withstand the elements, and provide superior protection for your home and its contents. Like many other...

The Complete Tile Roofing Guide

If you are in the market for a new tile roof, you understand the importance of a quality installation and materials. The roof is one of the most important systems of a home as it protects the interior, its contents, and most importantly, your family from the outside...

3 Reasons Why Roofing Tiles Slip

Tile roofs are incredibly popular because of their durability and strength to protect a home. They also add beautiful curb appeal and have a long lifespan because of their resilience. However, they are not exempt from incurring any damage. One common repair that can...

Advantages of a Tile Roof

Aesthetically Appealing

Long Life Expectancy

Superior Protection

Energy Efficient Performance

New tile roofs can come with a limited warranty of up to 15-years from Craven Construction along with a 30-year limited manufacturer warranty

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Apache Junction, AZ

Recently Completed Tile Roofs

Paradise Valley Home Updated With Tile Roof

Paradise Valley Home Updated With Tile Roof

When this Paradise Valley customer called, they were ready to replace their old clay tile roof. We removed everything, including the underlayment, and prepped the roof for installation. We decided on Westlake Tile Seal Underlayment and new Westlake Mission "S" Tile....

Custom New Construction Home in Apache Junction

Custom New Construction Home in Apache Junction

Craven Construction installed this tile roof on this custom built new construction home in Apache Junction, AZ. We went with a Westlake TileSeal underlayment along with Westlake flat tiles. The customer also included a walk deck which we completed in Gaco and we...

Gold Canyon Custom New Build Gets Eagle Tile Roof & Flat Roof

Gold Canyon Custom New Build Gets Eagle Tile Roof & Flat Roof

A custom built new construction home requires a custom roof. This Gold Canyon customer chose Eagle Tile Shasta Blend for part of their roof. The remainder of the roof was completed with a spray foam. We utilized a silicone coating for the walk deck for added support...

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Tile Roof Underlayment

Craven Construction installs quality underlayment with each of our tile roofs. Underlayment is extremely important for a tile roof as it prevents water from penetrating. Underlayment should be replaced approximately every 20 years. If you are in need of underlayment replacement, call our office to discuss these options and to request a free estimate.

We offer three different underlayment options for our tile roofs.

Westlake TileSeal

Malarkey 40# Right Start™ UDL

Tarah 30#

Tile Roof Maintenance & Repair

Craven Construction is available for all of your tile roof maintenance & repair needs. With over 20 years of experience, our team is the best in the industry for all of your tile roofing repair & maintenance needs, including underlayment replacement!

A roof that is left untouched, damaged, and not properly cared for will lead to significant damage and likely require a full replacement. Make sure your tile roof lasts as long as it should, request a maintenance inspection today!

Our team is available to examine your tile roof and provide you a FREE estimate for any maintenance & repair items.

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