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Foam Roofing

Craven Construction has been installing foam roofs on homes across the East Valley for over 20 years. In fact, foam roofing is where we started and was the very first roofing material we offered. Foam roofs are incredibly popular in Arizona as they offer increased insulation, UV protection, and waterproofing abilities. If your roof is in need of replacement, our team is here for you. We are extremely knowledgeable about foam roofing and highly skilled to install your new roof. 

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Quality Foam Roof Installation

A spray foam roof offers the perfect combination of form and function to fit the needs of your East Valley home. Before the installation begins, the roof must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the foam and coating has the ability to stick to the surface. After the roof is completely dry, we spray on the foam roofing material and make sure it is 1” thick across the entire surface. This foam forms an insulating layer, with an R7 rating, that slows the heat transfer process. A roof coating is then applied to reflect UV rays and add to the energy efficiency of the home. 

Our foam roofing professionals are available to assess your home and provide you with an honest and FREE estimate! You can expect competitive pricing, quality installation, and customer satisfaction when choosing Craven Construction.

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Advantages of a Spray Foam Roof

Applied Seamlessly

Insulating & UV Protection

Durable & Resiliant

Waterproofing Layers

New foam roofs can come with a limited warranty of up to 15-years from Craven Construction.

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Apache Junction, AZ

New Construction Home Foam Roof

New Construction Home Foam Roof

Choosing a new construction home offers the ability to choose the roofing material you want! This Queen Creek customer chose a spray foam roof for part of their new home. We provided a 1" thickness that includes an R-7 insulation. 2 coats of elastomeric coating allow...

Gold Canyon Custom New Build Gets Eagle Tile Roof & Flat Roof

Gold Canyon Custom New Build Gets Eagle Tile Roof & Flat Roof

A custom built new construction home requires a custom roof. This Gold Canyon customer chose Eagle Tile Shasta Blend for part of their roof. The remainder of the roof was completed with a spray foam. We utilized a silicone coating for the walk deck for added support...

Foam Roof Maintenance & Coatings

Craven Construction is available for all of your spray foam roof maintenance and coating needs. Regular maintenance of a foam roof will help ensure it lives up to its expected lifespan. Recoating the roof approximately every 8-10 years is crucial for the roof’s health and making sure it lasts as long it should. Foot traffic, drainage, climate, and other factors should be taken into account and will affect the timing of your recoat.

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