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An aluminum shingle roof can add exceptional beauty and value to any Arizona home. It is also manufactured with 95% recycled material! Craven Construction has been installing new aluminum shingle roofs for over 20 years and is your trusted source for professional roofing services! Let our team help you discover the advantages of a new aluminum shingle roof and install one of your home. 

If you are interested in a new aluminum shingle roof, call our office today! We will answer all of your questions and schedule a free estimate 480-845-1833.

High Quality Materials

Aluminum shingles can be created in wide range of color options for style and is finished with a quality protective finish for long-lasting curb appeal. They can also be stamped in a variety of patterns to customize your roof to compliment your style. Craven Construction has partnered with PermaLock Aluminum Shingles to provide our customers with the highest quality aluminum shingle roofs! 

A new aluminum shingle roof offers one of the greatest eco-friendly and long-term roofing solution that adds an aesthetically pleasing look. Request a free and honest estimate from the team at Craven Construction. You can expect competitive pricing, quality installation,  and complete customer satisfaction when you choose us.

Advantages of an Aluminum Shingle Roof

95% Recycled Material

Performance Finish

Range of Color Options

Long Expected Lifespan

New aluminum shingle metal roofs can come with a limited warranty of up to of 10-years from Craven Construction along with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty up to 50-years.

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Craven Construction offers the high quality aluminum shingles from PermaLock Roofing. Their aluminum shingles include a wide rangle of color options, Fluoroceram® protective finish, and a lifetime warranty. Each shingle offers high performance with PermaLock’s four layer finish:

  1. Fluoroceram® Coating: A high performance finish, contains highly durable ceramic pigments.
  2. High performance Primer: Contains corrosion-inhibitive pigments providing long-life protection to the aluminum shingle.
  3. Special Chemical Bonding: Treatment for permanent finish.
  4. Aluminum Alloy Shingle: Of the finest quality, embossed in a variety of styles for beauty and strength.

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