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Aluminum Shingle Metal Roofing

Aluminum Shingle Metal Roof Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Serving The Entire East Valley

If you are looking for professional aluminum shingle metal roofing services including new roof installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance, Craven Construction is your metal roofing company!

Professional Aluminum Shingle Metal Roof Installation

Aluminum shingles are among the most popular materials for residential roofing systems today. Craven Construction is your trusted East Valley, Arizona metal roofing professional for all of your aluminum roofing needs. Whether you are seeking a new aluminum roof or your current roof is in need of repairs, we are here for you. We offer over two decades of experience installing and repairing metal roofs and have the skills to complete even the largest of jobs.

What are aluminum shingles?

Made with a stamping press, aluminum shingles follow a three-step creation process. During production, aluminum shingles can be stamped to a variety of shapes and patterns, which makes them a popular roofing option. Over the years, aluminum shingles have become an affordable option for homeowners. This is because they provide an eco-friendly, long-term roofing solution and are frequently finished with a paint coating to offer an aesthetically pleasing look.

Additional Advantages

Aluminum shingles offer a few additional advantages that include:

  • Eco-Friendly – Aluminum is a recyclable material and can be reused at its end of its life. Metal roofs have helped the environment and do not contribute to our overwhelming waste in landfills.
  • Efficient – Aluminum roofing shingles contain reflective properties that reflect the sun’s rays. By doing so, your roof can help reduce your home’s energy usage and lower your utility bills.
  • Durability – While providing fire, wind, and impact resistance, aluminum provides incredible protection to your home.
  • Lightweight – Compared to other roofing materials, aluminum is lightweight and puts less stress on the home.

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