A tile roof is designed to last upwards of 50 years – this is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. Tile roofs add great aesthetics to any home, they can withstand the elements, and provide superior protection for your home and its contents. Like many other systems located within a home, a tile roof will eventually need to be replaced.   

One key piece of a tile roofing system is the underlayment. 

While a tile roof is capable of lasting over 50 years, the underlayment will not. The underlayment provides a secondary barrier of defense for your roof. You can also only replace the underlayment to help your roof last as long as it should. Keep reading to learn when you need a new tile roof versus replacing the underlayment.

New Tile Roof

Let’s face it, a new tile roof can be quite expensive, but at some point it may be time for a complete re-roof. While this is not something any homeowner wants to deal with, it is sometimes necessary. There are several items to review and might point to replacing the tile roof instead of repairing it. 

If you notice there are more and more problems with your roof over time, it may be time for a replacement. For example, if the same leak keeps coming back or you notice some cracking tiles in several locations around the roof, it may be time for replacement. Your roof will let you know when it is time for replacement and it is best for you to listen when it does. 

Another determining factor that tells it is time for a new tile roof is the roof’s age. Like we said before, a tile roof can last upwards of 50 years. If your roof is nearing the end of those 50 years, it may be time for a new roof. Your roof’s life may also be cut short if there has been damage that has gone unrepaired. Be sure to have a professional roofing contractor examine your roof and offer their best assessment. 

An inspection of the roof can also let you know whether a new roof is required or if you can hold off by only replacing the underlayment. Looking at the outside, if there are missing or cracked tiles, areas with severe damage, or sagging rooflines, consider a new roof. Additionally, looking inside your home, leaks in the attic and signs of water damage are all indications of needing a new roof.

Replace The Underlayment

The option that most homeowners with tile roofs wish for is that their underlayment can be replaced. This means that the tiles are carefully removed, the underlayment is torn off and replaced, then the same tiles are reinstalled. While deciding to replace the underlayment is not free, it is significantly cheaper than replacing the entire roof. 

Considering the age of the roof is an indication of whether to replace the underlayment. While the tiles should last upwards of 50 years, the underlayment might only last 20 years. So, if your underlayment is around 20 years old, consult your local roofer as they will be able to offer a professional assessment. 

A second indicator that your tile roof underlayment is in need of replacement is if there is a leak. If you notice water inside your home or water stains on your ceiling and walls, likely your roof has a leak. The good news is, the tiles likely do not need to be replaced and only the underlayment does. A leaking roof is never good and a professional roofing contractor should examine the damage and provide their opinion as to the best repair.

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