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Building a new home in Arizona is an exciting step to take as a homeowner. You have the opportunity to select everything, even down to the fine details. When it comes to your new roof, did you know you have the choice to not only select the roofing material, but also a roofer to install it? 

There are several aspects of new construction roofing that can be confusing, especially to a new homeowner. We’ve put together a few key things everyone who is building a home should know about the roof and process of installation.

1. There is a difference between new construction and new roof. 

Many people are often confused between the terms “new construction roofing” and a simple “new roof”. While each provides the home with a new roof, they are very different in meaning. 

A new construction roof is typically installed with the build of a brand new building or home. Included with a new construction build, roofers will work with the builders on the framework, roof deck, underlayment and then install the material as you choose. 

If a new roof is being installed, it is typically a replacement roof. The key difference of a new roof includes removing the old roof, including the underlayment and possibly areas of the roof deck. Similar to new construction, you may have the opportunity to choose a different roofing material than what is being removed. 

When discussing roofing options with your local roofer, be sure to specify which you need. This will help them give you a proper quote and timeline to have your new roof complete.

2. The material you choose matters for construction. 

You will want to decide on a residential roofing material early in the new construction planning. Several aspects of the construction of the home will be determined by the material. If you are wanting a tile roof for your new home, it will require additional support within the structure because of the weight. Additionally, shingles offer a more flexible option for roof peaks and valleys than large pieces for a metal roof. Flat roofs offer several advantages, but also have many requirements that need to be managed during construction.

No matter what material you choose for your new construction house, your builder and roofer will be able to help you. There is also a price difference between each material that should be factored into the building price.

3. The details play a large part in your roof.

Of course, when you are building a new home, there are many decisions to make and several of them are in the details. A new construction roof is also full of decisions to be made before your roofing team can start. One of the most important details of a new roof is ensuring the flashing is installed properly. Flashing is used to prevent water penetration to the layers below by directing it away from the walls and valleys. 

Another important aspect of the roof is the ventilation. For a roof to work as it should, proper ventilation should be installed. Based on the size and shape of your attic, along with the type of material you select, your local roofer can help you determine the best vent options. 

The detailed aspects of a roofing system will either ensure your roof will stand up under the Arizona weather or fail. Work with your local roofer to make sure each feature is accounted for and your roof is designed to protect your home.

Consult with a Professional

If you are building a home in Arizona, you will want to be clear on each of these aspects. Know the difference between a new roof and new construction roofing when talking with your local roofer. Select the material you wish to have for your new construction home early on in the design process. Doing so can ensure the structure will hold the material and help you budget for the material. Finally, pay attention to the details and discuss them with your roofer. While it will require several additional decisions, the details will help ensure your roof will be built to withstand the elements. 

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