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A new commercial roof is quite the investment! Often a business needs to plan financially and do a lot to prepare for the installation. A professional commercial roofer will know exactly how to manage the install process and pay attention to specific areas of the structure. As much as a roofer knows what to do, there are still mistakes that can be made.

To help your business make a good investment, and not one that is going to collect more money, being knowledgeable about the roofing system is incredibly important. While mistakes can happen, and roofers are human as much as you are, being aware of what can happen can help prevent them. Below are 4 common commercial roofing mistakes that are often made during installation.

Poor Drainage

Commercial roofs are often flat because it is the most cost effective for a large space. This can also be the cause of drainage issues if the proper drains and gutters are not installed. It is also important to ensure that each is functioning correctly and maintained. When filled with debris, leaves, and twigs, drains can become clogged, causing even more issues. 

A sign of poor drainage in a commercial roofing system is when water pools on the roof and stays for an extended time. During a new roof installation, or before it, you may want to discuss the drainage options with your roofing professional. If you have issues before you have a new roof installed, be sure to tell your roofer so they can alter the plans for the new roof.

Flashing Fails 

Flashing is an essential piece of any roofing system. It prevents water from finding its way into areas that are susceptible to leak formation. Installing flashing in specific areas of the roof, water can be directed to exactly where you want it to go. Which of course, is away from your roof. 

When not installed properly, or not at all, the flashing will fail and your roof will likely develop a leak. Discussing the flashing while planning your new roofing system with your roofer can help prevent leakage and other issues in the future. When significant weather hits, you will be happy your roof is prepared! 

Poor Installation

Hiring a roofer that is the cheapest or who can get it done fast may sound good upfront, but the issues that come with cheap and fast are not worth it in the long run. Poor and sloppy installation with corners that have been cut can result in significant issues. Anything from leaking to deterioration and inevitably, a shortened lifespan can result from poor installation. 

On the contrary, hiring a reputable commercial roofer that will get the job done right with the proper materials will give you a peace of mind. Doing your research on the roofers you are considering and asking for referrals can help save you significantly. Always ask for their proof of insurance and licenses to ensure they are legally allowed to complete your commercial roofing installation.

Lack of Maintenance

Though maintenance is done after a commercial roof installation, it is still an essential aspect of managing a building. When not professionally maintained, a commercial roof can develop significant issues. Having it annually inspected and necessary work completed can help prevent large issues from developing. Be sure to have maintenance completed to keep your commercial roof in working or and so it doesn’t need to be replaced sooner than later.

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